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What Is a Work Package in Project Management?

A work package is a group of related tasks within a project. Because they look like projects themselves, they are often thought of as sub-projects within a larger project. Work packages are the smallest unit of work that a project can be broken down into when creating your Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Tasks are typically grouped into work packages based on geographical area, engineering discipline, technology, or the time needed to accomplish them.


Work package example

A work package example is a helpful way to envision how a work package would be deployed within your own project management process. This is because a work package is the building block of a project, made up of related activities that, when completed, will create a desired outcome.

This work package example shows the breakdown of task groupings that make up each sub-section of a work breakdown structure. It is also clear from this work package sample how different work packages combine together under each activity to form the work breakdown structure.


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