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What Is an Agile Team?

An Agile team is the project team assigned to an Agile project. It’s the group of employees, contractors, or freelancers who are responsible for executing the project. Agile teams are typically co-located and often wholly dedicated to the project during its timeline. In other words, they’re on one project full-time and not spread across multiple projects simultaneously. 

An Agile team needs everyone required to produce the end product or service. Therefore, the team is typically cross-functional, and team roles will vary depending on the needs of the project and the type of Agile framework that is chosen. 

For instance, when using a Scrum framework, an Agile team should have a Scrum Master and a Product Owner, as well as any other required Team Members. The Scrum Master (often the Project Manager) is responsible for overseeing the project, facilitating collaboration, and organizing the daily meetings. The Product Owner is responsible for ensuring the end product meets the requirements of the customer. Subject matter experts and other stakeholders may provide input into the project as needed, but they’re not typically considered part of the Agile team. 

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