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What is a PDU in Project Management?

What is a PDU in project management? A PDU stands for a Professional Development Unit; a way to measure ongoing professional development. In order to maintain certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP), you will need to maintain a specific number of PDUs, which can be earned by attending events, or accomplishing courses.

How to earn PDUs

  • Ongoing education: Take in-person or online courses, attend seminars/webinars, industry events, or get into self-directed learning and take it at your own pace. Just make sure the course you're taking is officially sanctioned to give out PDUs.
  • Give back to the industry: Create content that can be added to the body of knowledge, volunteer to provide your project management services outside of your company, or simply do your job (practicing project management daily counts toward your credentials). More details are on the Project Management Institute (PMI) page.

So what is PDU in project management? Simply put, it is a unit used to measure ongoing development within the field of project management. To maintain your official PMP certification, 60 PDUs are required over the course of three years.

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