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General Work Management
Number of usersUnlimited2-25 users5-200 users5 to unlimited5 to unlimited
Multi-language support Wrike supports multiple languages: German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.  88888
Wrike for Windows & Mac
iOS & Android apps
Branded workspaceAlign the look and feel of your Wrike workspace with your own logo.   
Storage space Additional storage is also available (fee-based 500GB/1TB increments)   2 GB / account2 GB / user5 GB / user10 GB / user15 GB / user
Project Management
Task management
Subtask management
Folder hierarchyConfigure the unlimited folder structure to one that makes the most sense for your processes and teams. 
Account-wide work schedules Designate your team’s work week and see when you or your teammates are scheduled to work.  
Personal work schedules Create additional work schedules and assign them to teammates. Mark vacation or PTO days and designate additional working days for yourself or for team members.  
Custom fields, workflows & statusesTrack anything related to your work. Customize workflow stages to fit your process.   
Project portfolio management Use projects, folders, and customizable groups (spaces) to create a hierarchy for projects that works for your teams.   – 
Views & Reporting
Email integration & notifications
Custom work views (e.g., Table view, Kanban)
Calendars –
Dynamic Gantt chart
Dashboards –
Real-time reports Powerful and easy-to-use report builder lets you visualize and share project status. Subscribe to scheduled notifications and get regular report updates and reviews.    –– 
Advanced Reporting & BI 
Chart view Enable customizable 360 bird-eye view of your team’s work with Chart view. See task statuses by assignee or team in real-time.    
Tableau integration
Business intelligence API
Advanced analytics & data visualizations
Work Intelligence®
Smart search Narrow or extend search results based on the location. Get quick search preview results accross multiple tools and items.   
Voice assistant interaction (mobile)
Smart Replies and Quick Reactions (mobile)
Document processing and text recognition (mobile)
Generative AI
AI Recommended Tasks
AI Subitem Creation
AI Project Risk Prediction
Workflow Automation
Use case project templates
Automations (actions limits per month)50/seat200/seat1000/seat1500/seat
Team specific administrationConfigure team specific workflows, statuses, automations, custom fields & request forms.  
Request forms Provide the structure and automation you need for work intake so you get the right information from the start.
Dynamic request forms
Company-wide administration Centralized permission and workflow administration.
Custom templates & blueprints Manage project, folder, and task templates and plan activities while keeping it separated from the ongoing work.
Custom item types
Task & project approval
Custom approval flows Setup any approval workflow to enable stakeholders to quickly take actions all within Wrike
Resource Management
Resources view See a centralized view of all resources associated with a project. Ensure the right resources are available for the project, and balance resource coverage across the entire portfolio.    
Workload chartsAllocate work based on team capacity. Plan work allocation, re-prioritize projects, and distribute hours flexibly and in real time across assignees.
Effort allocationDetermine how many hours it takes to complete each task, or estimate what percentage of a team member's time you need dedicated to a task.
Resource assignment Intuitively drag and drop to add, move, or adjust tasks based on individuals’ capacity and work schedule in real time.
Time tracking
Timesheets Find all the time you've tracked and update time for your work in a single place on a daily or weekly basis.
Advanced Resource & Capacity Planning
Job RolesAssign team members job roles to streamline planning and work allocation based on functional area.    
Budgeting Plan and monitor project, portfolio and client budgets based on team member or job role bill and cost rates.
Resource Bookings Estimate project effort by team member or job role without creating a detailed work breakdown structure.
Team utilization & performance dashboard Measure planned vs. actual utilization of individuals or teams over time.
Asset Creation & Collaboration 
Collaborators Involve team mates from other departments, clients, and contractors for free.
Guest approvalsGet approvals from different stakeholders in your business ecosystem such as partners and clients.
File proofing & approval
Advanced proofing in HTML5 and Sharepoint Advanced proofing capabilities in native environments.
Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud
Digital asset management (DAM) integration
Cloud Content Connector
Open RESTful API
Cloud storage platforms
Productivity apps & toolsIntegration with G Suite, Office 365, MS Project, Excel, and Slack.   
Salesforce integration (native)
NetSuite & QuickBooks integrations (with the purchase of our Wrike Integrate add-on)Integrations with financial solutions, like NetSuite and QuickBooks, for seamless budgeting, billing, and invoicing.
Adobe Creative Cloud extension
Power BI integration (native)
Admin & Security 
Enterprise-grade security
Authentication via G Suite (Google)
Folder & project permissions
User audit reports An on-demand report tracks activity of regular users and Wrike account admins.
SAML 2.0 single sign-on (SSO)
Two-step verificationAdd an extra layer of security, requiring a time-sensitive verification code along with a username and password.   
Controlled admin permission
Network access (whitelist IP)Lock down access to Wrike to a list of approved IP addresses only.  
Password policy settingsImplement password policy to ensure that passwords meet minimum strength requirements and users change them regularly.  
Advanced user access controls Customize and add new access roles, selectively share subfolders and subprojects by keeping them from inheriting permissions, and run access reports to see who has access to folders, projects, and tasks.  
Customizable user types
Locked Spaces
Add-On Capabilities

An add-on is a set of premium features that you can add to your Wrike account for an additional fee.
Enhance your plan to unlock more value for your team.

Wrike Integrate
Wrike Sync
Wrike Lock
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