Level Up Your Legal Work Management

Use Wrike to track caseloads, collaborate with clients, and store classified documents — all in one place.

<p><span class="underlined underlined--color-purple">Level Up</span> Your Legal Work Management</p>


Bid adieu to legal headaches

Discover the power of Wrike’s dynamic project management features. Customize processes to master complex caseloads and eliminate client delays.

Monitor case progresss

Track your cases from inception to resolution using Wrike’s efficient project management dashboards. Assign tasks based on expertise, ensure adherence to deadlines, and automate routine procedures for superior case handling.


Boost client communication

Keep your stakeholders in sync with real-time updates. Collaboratively work on legal documents, share comments with clients, and eliminate the risk of work duplication.


Handle documents securely

Safeguard sensitive legal documents with Wrike’s robust security features. Securely store, share, and collaborate on documents with fine-tuned access controls and versioning capabilities.


Eliminate legal admin

Automate repetitive legal processes with pre-designed templates and workflows. Reduce time spent on manual tasks and focus more on client resolution.

Manage multiple caseloads

Feeling overwhelmed by mounting legal case workloads? Wrike takes the weight off your shoulders with visual workload charts that track team capacity and identify burnout risks.

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“Wrike changed our daily work by providing us with tools for effective project control and risk reduction. This boosts confidence in our performance and diminishes concerns of failure.”

Ricardo da Palma Borges, Managing Partner
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“Now that I have seen how work can be organized with Wrike, I could not go back to managing my work from my emails or a paper to-do list.”

Stella Petersen, Head of Legal Operations
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“With Wrike, we can really manage our internal processes and complete our deliverables to our clients as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

Mark Tuggle, PhD, Chief Operating Officer

Expertly crafted templates for legal teams

Wrike’s customized templates ensure every legal case is handled methodically and efficiently, driving success for your firm.
<h5>Professional services request management<br></h5>
Professional services request management

Simplify service requests with Wrike. This template enables seamless intake, prioritization, and tracking of case requests, ensuring no client query goes unanswered.

<h5>Contract management<br></h5>
Contract management

Stay in control of legal contracts. This contract management template helps you track statuses and visualize looming deadlines.

<h5>Client contact list<br></h5>
Client contact list

Never lose track of your interactions. With this template, you can order and systematize client details to facilitate quick reference and seamless communication.

<h5>Invoice tracking<br></h5>
Invoice tracking

Maintain flawless financial records. Track billable hours, payments, and invoice status on one platform. Ensure timely billing to boost your firm’s reputation.