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Power Your Business Continuity Planning With Wrike

Keep your organization moving forward and perfect your business continuity planning with Wrike.


Keep your business going,
no matter what

Create a robust crisis roadmap

Create a robust crisis roadmap

Business continuity planning with Wrike makes roadmapping easy. Collate essential resources in one place to stay organized and connected. Protect your business when you put business continuity first.

Keep all communication clear

Keep all communication clear

Eliminate silos at your organization and reassure clients in times of crisis with clear communication planning and templates.

Prevent potential revenue loss

Prevent potential revenue loss

Wrike helps you to quickly assess and identify your most at-risk projects so you can mitigate potential revenue loss.

Prevent disruption at your organization

Instantly work from anywhere, see what’s most important, and react to in-depth analytics. Wrike’s business continuity planning software means your business can keep running no matter what.

Utilize pre-built templates to protect your business

Incorporate Wrike’s pre-built workflows into your business continuity planning to react quickly and efficiently to challenges.

Build flexible project timelines

Eliminate confusion by splitting projects up into manageable tasks with clear deadlines.

Turn discussions into actions

Create an effective plan for actionable meeting notes. Assign action items and ensure quicker, more effective reactions.

Build a communication plan

Develop a structure for communicating all critical project information so nothing gets lost, even in a crisis.

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Discover seamless business continuity planning

Keep your business moving with additional business continuity planning features from Wrike. Streamline workflows and keep teams performing.

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Streamline your task management

Prioritize your tasks using custom-built Kanban boards, intuitive Gantt charts, or ‘workload’ view.


Keep track of your teams’ time

Wrike’s easy-to-use time tracking increases accountability, accelerates invoicing, and makes the best use of your resources.

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Collaborate from anywhere

Support your teams to succeed when they can’t be together with business continuity planning features they can log into from anywhere.

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Balance your resources

Use advanced, real-time insights from Wrike’s simple resource management software to reduce costs when you need to.


Align your teams

Stay up to date with Wrike’s shared team calendars which automatically connect with tasks and keep deliverables clear.


Visualize projects in seconds

Clarify project plans with Wrike’s one-click Gantt charts. These can also be easily adjusted with a simple drag-and-drop.

<p>Wrike helps your business<br>weather any storm</p>

Wrike helps your business
weather any storm

Powerful business continuity planning

<p>Wrike helps your business<br>weather any storm</p>