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How Redfoo gets it done
& keeps it fun

Before Wrike, Redfoo and his team found it difficult to keep track of projects and accountability. Wrike’s solution helped the Redfoo team cement their event processes and gave accountability to the right individual.

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Getting cross-functional marketing teams connected

With the help of Wrike, our workflow has become more transparent, and I can quickly have an accurate picture of the overall progress at any time,” says Vladimir Sitnikov, the head of the Internet marketing department.

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Wrike connects teams and helps push games through development

Wrike is applicable team-wide. Pivotal had an engineering focus, but with Wrike we can incorporate more of the team into the development process than we used to. It consolidates our work over the entire lifespan of the project.

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Tactus reduced scrum periods by 80% greatly impacting team velocity

You can’t run a project anymore without something like this tool. You have to be so fluid and adaptable to meet the expectations of today’s market, investors, and employees. Unless you have a tool like Wrike, you won’t be successful in today’s world.

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How a team of 5 successfully runs SEO campaigns in 13 languages

One of the biggest issues when it comes to running a department is understanding how different team members are participating in one task or project. Using Wrike as a project management tool will give the perfect solution to this problem.

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The secret of efficient task management: tips from ROI Revolution

Wrike provides ROI Revolution with an easy and helpful way to organize the workflow, accurately structure tasks in neat hierarchies and break the work down into smaller, easier to tackle actionable items.

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