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Marketing agency adopts Wrike to introduce Agile to team

In order to increase efficiency and flexibility, Wrike helps coma AG introduce Agile methods to establish better work processes, have greater employee accountability, and implement task distribution.

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Marketing ops manages high volume of tasks by prioritizing them in Wrike

Hootsuite's ability to duplicate tasks, @mention team members, and manage workloads has helped them complete tasks on time and report on quarterly productivity.

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Startup saves 70% of their time by planning sprints in Wrike

With Wrike, Procurify is able to tightened up sprint schedules, meet deadlines, and expose and align initiatives across all departments.

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Operations team produces client deliverables 30% faster

Wrike has helped everyone at SimpleRelevance get on the same page, and they’ve successfully increased their ability to produce client deliverables by 30%. “It gives us a much quicker turnaround,” says Steve Rose.

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Agency saves 15-20% of their time by tracking task efficiency

Dracott turned to Wrike as a project management solution to help track how much time his team spent on tasks. The team now has visibility into precisely how long certain tasks take and can accurately plan future projects.

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Wrike saves R&D team 30 work hours of meetings weekly

Wrike’s customizable folders, Google Apps integration, and unique project views help the R&D team successfully tackle complex projects without hours of extra administrative work.

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Restaurant franchise replaces email with Wrike, reducing inbox traffic

Ben & Florentine has significantly reduced their inbox traffic by replacing their email communication with Wrike. Instead of wasting time scouring through emails, they can focus more time on improving customer service and growing their business.

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Sevenly gives back more efficiently by consolidating campaigns in Wrike

Sevenly launches all their major initiatives on time because Wrike keeps them organized and on track. Their custom templates save them hours on planning similar campaigns, which enables them to focus on other tasks important for their success.

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Wrike saves advertising agency 50% of their time

Wrike was able to align the initiatives of both the creative and account services department and cut down meeting times by 50%. Before Wrike, production meetings would take up to and hour and a half.

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How Redfoo gets it done
& keeps it fun

Before Wrike, Redfoo and his team found it difficult to keep track of projects and accountability. Wrike’s solution helped the Redfoo team cement their event processes and gave accountability to the right individual.

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Wrike provides marketing team leader with total project visibility

Before Wrike, the team at Veeam would collaborate on work via email and instant messenger. To ensure that data didn't get lost, the head of the online marketing team needed a tool to collect updates on all projects to share news with the team.

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Wrike connects teams and helps push games through development

Wrike is applicable team-wide. Pivotal had an engineering focus, but with Wrike we can incorporate more of the team into the development process than we used to. It consolidates our work over the entire lifespan of the project.

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Tactus reduced scrum periods by 80% greatly impacting team velocity

You can’t run a project anymore without something like this tool. You have to be so fluid and adaptable to meet the expectations of today’s market, investors, and employees. Unless you have a tool like Wrike, you won’t be successful in today’s world.

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Wrike expedites new website launch

At Only-apartments, collaboration and productivity were unstable throughout all their divisions. With a new site launch in the works, it was crucial to have full, cross-department visibility on all marketing campaigns and new brand standards.

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