Creativity is your passion, automating work is ours

Speed up your creative process with centralized requests and accelerated approvals, and get more time to focus on creativity.

<p>Creativity is your passion, automating work is ours</p>


One platform to manage creative requests, reviews, and approvals

We know how demanding marketing can be — fast-paced with tight deadlines and lofty expectations. Doing more with less seems insurmountable, but that is where Wrike comes in.

Ensure brand consistency 

Use the latest version of assets across campaigns. Share feedback on creative assets in the task using Wrike’s online proofing. Request approvals and receive feedback in Adobe Creative Cloud. Publish assets in record time with built-in DAM integrations.

Streamline incoming requests

Have your work requests in one place with custom request forms that auto-create and assign tasks to the right person. Route requests with recognizable terms that match your team’s processes, giving them the info they need without time-wasting follow-up.

Enjoy user-friendly views

Switch your views based on who is looking and what information they need in a simple layout in Board view, a familiar spreadsheet style in Table view, project timelines in Gantt view, and everything assigned to you all in one place in Personal views.

Edit documents easily

Save time editing creative copy — use Wrike’s Document Editor to review files without having to upload them multiple times. When you’re finished editing, simply save the document and Wrike will automatically upload it as an updated version.

Winter 2022 Leader<br>(11 Awards)
2022 | 2021 | 2020 | 2019 | 2018 | 2017

Winter 2022 Leader
(11 Awards)

Leader in Collaborative Work Management
2020 | 2018 | 2016

Leader in Collaborative Work Management

Top Rated Award for Marketing Resource Management / Project Management
2022 | 2021 | 2020

Top Rated Award for Marketing Resource Management / Project Management

Simplify complex processes with proven templates

Energize your creative assets production, create outstanding marketing campaigns, and keep your team organized with Wrike’s library of templates for creative teams.

<h5>Creative Asset Production</h5><h5>Creative Asset Production</h5>
Creative Asset Production

Recharge your creative asset production process with our powerful template. Streamline your creative requests, customize your team workflows, keep track of your assets, and deliver projects on time.

<h5>Marketing Campaign Template</h5><h5>Marketing Campaign Template</h5>
Marketing Campaign Template

Use our marketing campaign planning template to break client campaigns into manageable phases, track lead data and campaign performance, and easily share campaign ROI with clients.

<h5>Content Operations Template</h5><h5>Content Operations Template</h5>
Content Operations Template

Stay on top of your content operations with Wrike. Use our expertly designed content operations template to streamline processes, keep teams organized, and deliver faster results to stakeholders.

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