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Discover the Power of Digital Asset Management Software

Wrike puts the right files at your team’s fingertips. Save time, maximize impact, and protect brand integrity across channels.


Access the right files, every time

Maintaining brand cohesion across channels and campaigns isn’t easy. That’s why Wrike partners with today’s leading digital asset management (DAM) software providers to help your team quickly find the right files for every project.

<h5>Publish assets with ease</h5>
Publish assets with ease

Minimize time spent switching tools and avoid version mismatch issues by publishing assets to your DAM software directly from Wrike.

<h5>Always stay on-brand</h5>
Always stay on-brand

Search, preview, and use DAM files in Wrike to minimize redundant creative requests and keep project details easily accessible.

<h5>Collaborate across teams</h5>
Collaborate across teams

Download files from your enterprise DAM software to Wrike, share them with stakeholders, and review edits before uploading.

Manage digital brand assets directly in Wrike

Wrike helps unify brand messaging and visuals across integrated campaigns by centralizing assets and tasks within a single platform. Upload, find, and attach approved digital assets in your favorite DAM without leaving Wrike, thanks to our seamless Cloud Content Connector.

Proof before you publish

Cut down on costly and preventable mistakes by visually marking up new or existing files with Wrike’s intuitive proofing tool.

Publish them directly to your digital asset manager in just a few clicks once key stakeholders review and approve.

Attach assets to tasks

Attach the right files directly to Wrike tasks to avoid questions or confusion, and help ensure brand consistency across integrated campaigns.

Accelerate asset creation

Wrike integrates directly with digital asset management software solutions and Adobe Creative Cloud applications, further speeding up asset creation by creative teams.

Streamline the publishing process

Bolster busy marketing departments by streamlining their publishing process across all campaigns, from asset creation to approvals.

Maintain brand integrity

Strengthen brand integrity by ensuring files are authorized for publication, so old logos and unapproved files don’t dilute your latest projects.

Cut down on cross-departmental requests for brand assets, saving your marketing and creative teams time and energy.

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Combine our DAM extension with these powerful features

Digital asset management is just one of Wrike’s features. Here’s what else Wrike can do:

Accelerate creative work with Wrike’s AI

Empower tasks, generate content, enhance communication, and streamline workflows with Wrike's Work Intelligence®.

Boost visibility and reporting

Get a detailed overview of project data and team progress with Wrike’s customizable dashboards.

Visualize project timelines

Wrike’s one-click Gantt charts allow you to oversee, adjust, and communicate about projects all in one space.

Improve the approvals process

Streamline your creative operations by automating incoming proofing and approvals requests.

Automate incoming requests

Create an efficient workflow to manage requests with custom dashboards and forms, then track performance with reports.

Clarify creative briefs

Ensure your team has the vital information they need by setting expectations and clarifying projects from the start.

<p>Access the right assets with Wrike</p>

Access the right assets with Wrike

2.3 million supercharge their DAM with Wrike
<p>Access the right assets with Wrike</p>