Try Out a Podio Alternative
With Features Your Team Will Use - Wrike

Compare Podio to Wrike and discover what it's like to all be using one, unified tool to collaborate. It's difficult to adopt a project management software that everyone will use, but this alternative to Podio allows your team to keep their current workflows and clean up any processes that need improvement. If you're looking for easy-to-learn features that your team will adopt quickly and easily, consider a Podio alternative. With this Podio comparison, you'll see why hundreds of teams rely on Wrike to manage their work.

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Wrike vs. Podio

Free version

5 Power Users + free collaborators* and projects *Some restrictions may apply

Price for a team of 5 users


Google Docs, Dropbox integration
Activity Stream
Interactive timeline (Gantt Chart)
Workload view
Cross-project prioritization of tasks
Outlook and Apple Mail add-ins
Edit files online without downloading
Email integration

Create, assign, schedule, comment, update tasks, upload files, add descriptions via email.

Main features

Quick and qualified support

Contact our world-class support team 24/7 with any questions you’d like to discuss. Whether by email, live chat, or phone, we’ll answer right away and do our best to help you out.

Comprehensive toolkit for exceptional project management

Wrike features include a dynamic timeline (Gantt chart), task dependencies, custom workflows, email integration, request forms, task dashboards, and visual reports.

Cross-project prioritization and visibility

Allocate resources to tasks and projects, check and forecast the team’s workload, resolve schedule conflicts, and reprioritize tasks with a few clicks. Then build reports to measure project and team performance in an easily digestible format.

Real-time collaboration

Upload documents and files directly to tasks, then edit and version attachments without downloading them. Collaboratively edit and assign tasks in real time.

Complete context and easy access

Instead of searching lengthy email threads, convoluted spreadsheets, and chat histories, store all your work notes, files, discussions, and feedback in a single, shared workspace.

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