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Enterprise Project Management Software

Wrike is fun to use, quick-loading and easy to input your data." - Stephen Smith, writer, Productivity and Web 2.0.

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Enterprise project management software is implemented when an organization is applying Enterprise Project Management. Enterprise Project Management (EPM) is the field of organizational development that supports organizations in managing integrally and adapting themselves to the changing business environment. At the enterprise project management level, it's crucial that your projects are delivered on time, within budget and meeting your expectations. In order to facilitate governance, it has become essential to be able to manage, monitor and assess the status of all projects in the enterprise through a set of enterprise project management processes, methods and enterprise project management software.

To provide you with the confidence that your projects will consistently deliver the expected return on investment, you need to provide your teams with a dependable enterprise project management software system that will help them streamline project initiation, planning, scheduling, execution, collaboration and actual tracking. Enterprise project management software allows you to track projects and collect data on the actual time spent on each task.

Enterprise project management software features

One of enterprise project management software's main functions is to provide plenty of information to various people at different management levels. Therefore typical enterprise project management software features are:

  • tasks lists for people and allocation schedules for resources
  • overview information on how long tasks will take to complete
  • reminder about overdue items
  • information on workload, particularly for planning holidays
  • historical information on how projects have progressed

Thousands of companies find great value in the time tracking feature of enterprise project management software. Time-tracking is an essential part of increasing the productivity of project teams. Time-tracking helps project managers and corporate executives keep track of the hours spent on a task or a project and evaluate the effectiveness of their employees. Enterprise project management software allows you to create time reports for projects and tracking the workload of project teams. Project managers usually can export reports to CSV file format, print and provide them to clients and upper management.

Efficient enterprise project management software has to provide thorough reports on the project work. Reports based on data culled from all enterprise project management software databases: projects, personnel, sales, etc. Reports show the work of your whole organization from different points of view, as the information can be filtered and sorted by departments, projects, clients, date, person responsible for tasks and projects completion. Enterprise project management software also gives you an opportunity to visualize and print out your reports.

It is also very important for an enterprise project management software tool to enable efficient collaboration between project managers, project team members and clients. Collaboration is an essential part of enterprise project management. Online project management software applications like Wrike let you create effective interactions between all parties involved in the project. Wrike helps you leverage one of the biggest investments your organization has already made - the email platform. Wrike seamlessly connects all emailed tasks into a single structure that becomes a master plan. In Wrike you group similar tasks by team, product, department, process, etc. You build hierarchies and put tasks in several groups, if necessary. Wrike gives you an opportunity to configure reports tailored to your needs. In short, you organize plans for your whole enterprise in Wrike just the way you keep them in your mind. Your plans are visualized on a timeline. Wrike's timeline is a perfect way to see the whole picture of what is going on in your organization and what stage each project is at.

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