Streamline Data Operations with Wrike and Skyvia

Integrate Wrike with a wide range of cloud applications, data warehouses, and relational databases.

  • Exporting/Importing

  • File Storage

  • ETL

<p><span>Streamline Data Operations with Wrike and Skyvia</span><br></p>

Maximize valuable resources and eliminate repeated work

Capitalize on Wrike’s biggest assets: powerful automation and synchronization. Use the Skyvia integration to ensure data is replicated and updated, saving your team time.

<h5>Automate data loading to and from Wrike<br></h5>
Automate data loading to and from Wrike
<h5>Replicate Wrike data to relational databases<br></h5>
Replicate Wrike data to relational databases
<h5>Synchronize Wrike data with cloud apps and relational databases<br></h5>
Synchronize Wrike data with cloud apps and relational databases
<h5>Automate data flows <br></h5>
Automate data flows

Skyvia is a no-code cloud platform for solving a wide variety of data-related tasks with support for all major cloud apps, data warehouses, and databases. 

The platform provides seamless data management and supports a wide variety of data integration scenarios including ETL, ELT, reverse ETL, data migration, one-way and bi-directional data sync, workflows automation, etc. 

With Skyvia, users can unlock the full potential of Wrike and streamline their data operations effortlessly.

Connect your Skyvia and Wrike project 

To start using the Skyvia and Wrike integration, follow these steps in your Skyvia plaform:

  1. Click +NEW in the top menu.
  2. Click Connection in the menu on the left to open the Select Connector page.
  3. In the opened pane, click Wrike.
  4. In the Connection Editor page, specify a connection name that will be used to identify the connection.
  5. Click Sign In with Wrike.
  6. In the opened window, enter your email and password used when signing in to Wrike.
  7. Click Accept to give permission to Skyvia.
  8. This will generate the authentication token.
  9. Optionally, you can select the Suppress Extended Requests checkbox to reduce the number of API calls. Read more about this option to determine if it fits your needs.
  10. Use the Test Connection button to make sure that the connection is successful, then click Create Connection.

For a detailed walkthrough on how to set up your first connection, read the instruction on specific Skyvia documentation.

Connect Wrike with Skyvia

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