Collaborate Across Tools With Wrike’s Azure DevOps Integration

Empower your technical teams with a two-way sync between Wrike and Azure DevOps that keeps every project up to date.
<p>Collaborate Across Tools With Wrike’s Azure DevOps Integration</p>


Automate everyday tasks with Wrike and Azure DevOps

Enjoy a powerful two-way sync between development and project management software that will automate daily tasks and supercharge productivity.

Work in one platform

Work in one platform

Swapping between platforms wastes time and energy. Increase productivity with the Azure DevOps and Wrike integration that keeps your team working in a single, powerful platform.

Eliminate duplication

Eliminate duplication

With the Wrike and Azure DevOps integration, you no longer need to duplicate information in both tools. Instead, create a seamless two-way sync that keeps updates aligned in real time.

Choose the way you work

Choose the way you work

Cross-functional teams have different preferences and requirements for how they work. This integration enables teams to work towards the same goal from their preferred interface.

Jump-start collaboration in minutes

With a few clicks, you can start automating tasks, syncing projects, and focusing on the work that matters most.

Sync important task information

Development teams can assign or complete tasks in Wrike without ever leaving Azure DevOps, which keeps managers and stakeholders informed of progress.

Share reports seamlessly

Use Wrike to report Azure DevOps data, sharing status and timeline updates with stakeholders easily and efficiently. Help your projects move forward with streamlined reporting.