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Monthly Budget Tracker Template

Wrike’s easy budget tracker helps you manage your finances and avoid cost overruns.

Monitor expenses with ease

If you own a business or work in a finance department, you know how difficult it can be to monitor costs and stay within budget. From office expenses to employee travel to social gatherings, there’s a lot to keep track of. 

You should consider using an online budget tracker if you need some help with:

  • Completing expense forms
  • Gathering details
  • Gaining budget visibility 

Wrike’s monthly budget tracker template can help you tackle these obstacles.

  • Use a tailor-made form to ensure all expense details are logged 
  • Organize your costs by category 
  • Get multiple budget views on one platform

Why you need the monthly budget tracker

<h5>Create a digital hub</h5>
Create a digital hub

No more sticky notes and paper receipts — upload all your expense information to Wrike. Use our online budget tracker as your single source of financial truth, saving you time searching through email threads and filing cabinets.

<h5>Visualize your spending</h5>
Visualize your spending

Losing track of costs? Our monthly budget tracker gives you a bird’s-eye view of expenses so you can instantly assess your spending habits. Zone in on specific figures by switching from a month-wide calendar view to a table report.

<h5>Stay within budget</h5>
Stay within budget

However small, cost overruns can have big implications for overall project success. With this budget tracking template, you can regularly monitor your spending to ensure you’ve allocated enough resources for your monthly activities.

<p>Simplify your finance tracking</p>

Simplify your finance tracking

<p>Simplify your finance tracking</p>

How to use Wrike’s monthly budget tracker template

Before you implement this template, let’s take a look at the specific tools you’ll be using.

Wrike’s monthly budget tracker template has all the features you need to take control of your company expenses.

So, now you’re ready to use the monthly budget tracking template in your Wrike workspace. 

Luckily, this template is highly intuitive — simply follow these three steps to get your new budget tracker up and running.

Step 1: Log your expenses

Search for the ready-made request form, which is labeled “Company Expenses.”

Enter the expense category, type, amount spent, date, and a brief description.

Include any additional comments and then submit the form. You can then choose how to view this information in your “Monthly Budget Tracker” space.

Step 2: Categorize your budget

Wrike’s monthly budget tracker template includes sample folders to get you started:

  • Meals and Entertainment
  • Office Expenses
  • Professional Services
  • Rent and Leases
  • Travel 

Tailor these folders and their subfolders to suit your organization’s spending habits.

Step 3: Monitor your costs

Get a month-wide view of your costs in the “Monthly Budget Calendar.” Each expense category is color-coded for maximum visibility. 

You can also get a breakdown of your expenses in the “Monthly Budget Report.” View budget figures, dates, and assignees at a glance, adjusting details where necessary.

Track more than budgets

As well as the monthly budget tracker template, Wrike also offers a range of other project management tools. Get full visibility into your team’s workload and ensure all deliverables are completed on time. 

Here are some features that can help you monitor company resources, task status, and project timelines:

Our versatile task management software has everything you need to simplify your project tracking and guide your organization from one successful month to the next.

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<p>Your all-in-one budget tracker</p>

Your all-in-one budget tracker

<p>Your all-in-one budget tracker</p>


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