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Why Should I Use Live Support in Project Management Software?

Live support is customer support that’s provided in real-time by a human agent. Live support is most commonly offered via live chat, but it can also be provided through a dedicated phone service, such as a 24-hour customer helpline staffed by live agents. Project management software live support allows you to access immediate answers whenever you have a problem or question regarding your software.

Integrated live support applications typically open a window or pop-up that connects you to a support agent for assistance using the chat functionality. In some cases, when you initiate a live chat, you will interact with a chatbot before being directed to a human. Support bots may be used to gather information about your problem or question before directing you to the right agent. Or they may be used to log requests outside of support hours for companies that do not offer 24/7 live support.

Benefits of live support in project management software

Live support options such as live chat are incredibly convenient tools for receiving information and support. Whether you’re adopting new software or have new members on your team, live support can provide an easy, accessible means of support as they’re learning how to use and navigate the system.

For instance, instead of you or one of your systems experts spending valuable time walking a team member through the process of setting up a new project, you can direct them to the system’s help resources and tell them to contact support with any issues.  

Plus, live chat support is the preferred channel for customer service. Nine out of 10 people surveyed reported that they expect to be able to use live chat messaging to get help from companies online. These statistics illustrate that project management software with live chat support will make your team members and users happier.

Live support also eliminates the use of annoying and time-consuming forms. When people don’t have to complete lengthy forms or craft detailed emails, they are more likely to ask questions.

Have you ever struggled with a tool or feature that seemed to be much more difficult than it should be? For example, maybe you had a project report that took 30 minutes to run when you felt it should only take a minute or two. If your only support option required paperwork and wait times, you may have chosen just to live with the inefficiency. But if there had been a knowledgeable support agent instantly available, chances are much higher that you would have lodged a complaint and asked how to resolve the problem.

Project management software users can also benefit from live chat support in the following ways:

Instant access

Live support allows you to connect directly to a knowledgeable human being as soon as you realize you need help. This means there is no time wasted navigating complex phone options, sitting on hold, or waiting for an email response.

Handling complex issues

With emails or form submissions, you may not include all of the information the first time, the agent might not understand what your issue is, or their suggested solution may not solve the problem. But with live support, agents can easily ask follow-up questions and modify their advice in real-time. 

Enabling multitasking

Team members can use a live-chat window to communicate with support staff while continuing with other tasks in other windows. Plus, a chat window is less distracting to them and others than a phone conversation. Not to mention that if you have to wait for the agent to do some investigating, you can easily continue working without having to tie up your phone line or listen to hold music.

Saving information

With live chat, you can save your conversation for later reference or share it with other users struggling with the same issue. You don’t have to worry about an agent talking too fast or struggle with taking notes during the conversation. In addition, chat eliminates the possibility of communication problems such as static, accents, or background noise.

File sharing

Often when a basic support question is asked, a FAQ or resource has already been created to answer it. These resources may even include valuable screen captures and other images that help walk users through the process. When you’re using phone support, the agent will either have to reiterate this information, email you the file, or spell out a potentially lengthy URL. Alternatively, live chat allows you to quickly and easily share links. Whenever the support agent wants to direct you to additional resources, such as a community forum or help guide, they can simply drop the links into the chat, and you can navigate to the right document with a single click. 

What questions can live support answer?

Support agents are often the first line of contact for any customer queries or issues. Live support agents are also meant to be product experts. Project management software agents should answer any technical questions about the software and provide tips and suggestions.

Many customers will reach out to live support agents with basic “how to” questions, such as "How do I add a user?" However, agents can also help with more advanced questions like, “How can I use this software to plan a conference?”

If you discover a bug or a feature that appears broken, you can also contact live support for assistance. They can verify issues and pass them directly to the resolution team for further testing and fixes.

Other areas that live support can handle are:

  • Answering questions regarding specific project management software specifications or functionality.
  • Providing resources and support when someone is having trouble finding a specific item, function, feature, or capability within the system.
  • Helping you learn more about the different software package options available if you’re considering an upgrade or change.
  • Providing updates on previously logged bugs, defects, or issues.
  • Handling queries regarding security, access, administrator rights, and other system settings.
  • Advising better ways to accomplish tasks within the system that seem to be time-consuming or inefficient. 

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