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What Is a Digital Go-To-Market Strategy?

The world is going digital at a faster pace than ever before. From social media platforms to artificial intelligence, the growth of disruptive technologies is accelerating.

Organizations are capitalizing on these innovations to create value for customers and achieve their goals.

Whether you are a fast-growing organization or a brand-new startup, creating and implementing a digital go-to-market strategy can give you a unique competitive advantage.

Digital go-to-market strategy definition

No matter the size or nature of your company, creating a digital go-to-market strategy is critical. But what is a digital go-to-market strategy?

A digital go-to-market strategy is an organized process that takes your product or service to the consumers using online channels such as social media or search engine optimization.

An effective digital go-to-market strategy includes many elements, such as:

  • Identification of the online channels or platforms to be used for promoting the company’s product or service
  • Curation of the digital go-to-market strategy mix with different online channels and platforms
  • Resources to be invested in the chosen channels
  • Outlining the digital marketing tactics to be deployed

Why do you need a digital go-to-market strategy?

Almost 60% of the global population is online. That’s around 4.66 billion people worldwide. Going digital can help you reach this huge audience and attain business success.

Here are the key reasons why you need a digital go-to-market strategy:

  • To increase the brand’s digital reach, boost lead generation, and maximize the future growth potential of the company
  • Reach a new audience or geography for your product or service
  • Gain competitive advantage, grow brand loyalty, and take a larger chunk of market share from your competitors

Digital go-to-market strategy example

Organizations design innovative go-to-market strategies to attract, engage and nurture their digital audience. Let’s check out a digital go-to-market strategy example.

Fitbit launched their brand-new personal coaching service, ‘Smart Coach,’ and integrated it with their activity trackers. They planned a new campaign, ‘Get more with Fitbit,’ to build brand awareness and increase subscription revenues.

To promote this new service, they used a combination of go-to-market tactics such as social media messages, paid search ads, push notifications, and email newsletters. Fitbit’s digital go-to-market campaign earned them $192 million in annual revenue.

Whether you want to grow brand awareness, get new customers, or launch a new product, going digital is essential. Achieve your business goals and reach new customers using digital marketing.

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