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What Is a Go-To-Market Department?

Managing processes, product launches, communication, and prioritization becomes challenging when companies start growing at scale. Operational information can be misplaced, and launch priorities may fall through the cracks.

No company wants its go-to-market strategy implementation to fall flat due to a part-time team of people from other departments. Creating a dedicated go-to-market department can be the answer.

Go-to-market department definition

A go-to-market department is a designated team that focuses on bringing new products to market.

The go-to-market team comprises cross-functional employees from sales, marketing, service, legal, marketing, finance, and IT. They are empowered with the right go-to-market tools and software to accomplish their goals.

Why do you need a go-to-market department?

While the go-to-market department is a subset of the overall marketing department, their priorities are different.

A marketing department focuses on reaching new markets over time. A go-to-market department focuses on launching the next product in the market.

Who makes up a go-to-market department?

The go-to-market department is made up of a go-to-market manager, product marketers, and employees from other multi-disciplinary teams. They ensure cross-functional collaboration, stakeholder engagement, and optimum utilization of available launch resources.

For example, the go-to-market department would work with customer support to impart end-user training or collaborate with sales teams to design pricing strategies.

Go-to-market departments need not only a great plan of action but also the right tools, resources, and software to ensure successful launches. Start a free Wrike trial to visualize deadlines, enjoy real-time communication with cross-functional teams, and successfully bring your product to market.

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