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What Is the Go-To-Market Timeline?

The go-to-market timeline is the amount of time it will take to complete the activities outlined in a go-to-market strategy. This timeline is often detailed in a go-to-market roadmap, which is a visual representation of the activities, steps, and campaigns contained in the go-to-market strategy. Creating a roadmap for the go-to-market timeline will help stakeholders understand durations and deadlines for each step of the go-to-market strategy and keep the product launch on track. 

A go-to-market roadmap is a good way to estimate the go-to-market timeline needed to complete go-to-market activities and campaigns, which stakeholders will need to understand to plan their own schedules and resources. Go to market roadmaps will also help cross-functional teams work together because it gives a visual representation of the dependencies between activities. 

Wrike’s Gantt charts are a great way to determine your go-to-market timeline. They allow you to assign accountability to each task, drag and drop dependencies to accommodate resource shortages, and seamlessly adjust deadlines without reworking the entire timeline.

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