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What Is Go-To-Market Readiness?

Go-to-market readiness determines whether your product is ready to launch. Assessing go-to-market readiness is important for all parties involved in the product launch. Team leaders often utilize a go-to-market readiness checklist to determine whether the product is fit for purpose, the messaging has been tested, and sales teams are dialed in and ready to sell your product. 

The first element of go-to-market readiness is the product. To be ready to launch, the product should be deemed useful to the potential target customers and easily usable for that audience. Additionally, the product should have been tested extensively by the target audience to work out any bugs or kinks that could affect sales. 

There are several other categories a business should evaluate to determine whether the product is ready to launch. This base level of the go-to-market strategy includes a detailed buyer persona that will help marketing and sales team members target and generate leads. The business should also have honed in on the value proposition that sets the product above its competitors and makes clear to customers why they need to purchase it. 

Companies should also create and evaluate their sales pitch decks and demos to ensure that sales team members are prepared to successfully represent the product to potential customers. And for customers who do purchase the product, the business should prepare FAQs and product sheets that will assist with customer service and help retain customers.

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