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Why Should You Hire a Go-To-Market Lead?

So, your organization is ready to revamp its marketing activities. Maybe you’re a new CEO and this is your first time planning the resources for a marketing department, or maybe your organization just needs to improve on previous attempts. Either way, you want to ensure that any new marketing efforts are geared towards a successful outcome. One of the factors that can contribute to this success is a go-to-market lead.

A go-to-market lead is responsible for coordinating multiple marketing programs in an organization. Also known as a go-to-market manager, this person oversees a team of marketers as they prepare to launch a new product. A go-to-market lead works across the marketing, sales, and product departments to ensure the organization identifies its correct target audience, determines the unique selling point for its new product, and maintains a competitive advantage in this segment.

Benefits of a go-to-market lead

Here’s why you should hire a go-to-market lead: 

Better communication

When multiple departments collaborate on one initiative, things can get confused as information is shared in silos. Having a designated point of contact will help to ensure there are regular check-ins and important updates are shared on a company-wide basis.

Increased focus

A go-to-market lead is committed to driving traffic and increasing conversion rates. This laser focus on product metrics will help prevent marketing teams from falling into bad habits — they will constantly strive to improve their go-to-market activities and scale their organization.

Improved morale

Many employees work better when there is a clear chain of command. A go-to-market lead will be able to delegate tasks effectively to the marketing team while ensuring every member is aligned and working towards the same goal.

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