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What Is a Cloud Go-To-Market Strategy?

Designing a winning go-to-market strategy is essential for an organization that operates in a dynamic marketplace like cloud services.

As demand for cloud services continues to explode, companies are seeking inventive ways to stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

Crafting an innovative cloud go-to-market strategy is critical to attracting customers, building relationships, and growing revenues. Let’s find out how to create a successful cloud go-to-market strategy.

Cloud go-to-market strategy definition

Cloud refers to a business model in which companies run applications, services, or software on the internet. A cloud go-to-market strategy is an organized plan to deliver a company's cloud services to its target audience.

By deploying a cloud GTM strategy, organizations can deliver their unique value proposition, service their customers, and achieve revenue goals.

Tips for creating an effective cloud go-to-market strategy

Consider these tips and best practices to create a successful cloud go-to-market strategy for your company.

Build continuous customer relationships

Having a project mindset will not work in today's highly competitive marketplace. It is important to be a strategic business partner for your prospective clients to achieve a sustainable business model.

Companies may offer the full life cycle of cloud services through value-added capabilities, productized offerings, or including managed services in their overall portfolio.

Highlight unique technical capabilities

Showcasing the on-demand solution capability of a cloud provider over traditional on-premises versions will not help launch your solution.

Companies also need to demonstrate how they can create seamless online experiences to serve small and medium businesses. Think beyond implementation support to deliver personalized and value-driven digital experiences for your customers.

Get the hiring right to demonstrate domain expertise

Address client challenges by closely reviewing their market dynamics and industry-specific needs.

Get the right professionals on board to support clients’ needs and position them as vertical market experts and cloud solution providers.

Continue online engagement methods

With the onset of COVID-19, the world moved from physical to virtual. The field of customer engagement was no different.

Virtual engagement is the new normal for many decision-makers. To gain their attention, cloud companies will need to set up marketing campaigns, tweak their positioning, and optimize resources to boost their performance.

Grow multi-cloud capabilities

The number of cloud service providers has proliferated to create a buyer's market. As competition grows, gaining customer attention is becoming more challenging.

Setting up business partnerships can be instrumental in increasing growth opportunities. Differentiate your company by adding value to your prospective client’s multi-cloud atmosphere. It demonstrates that you are invested in its success and its customers’ success.

Create a successful cloud go-to-market strategy with Wrike

An effective cloud go-to-market strategy is not just marketing or sales. It is a much broader term that encompasses a holistic customer experience.

Many SaaS companies use a pay-as-you-go model, but they know that acquiring a customer isn't the end. Retaining the customer delivers the greatest ROI and customer engagement over time.

Get a free Wrike trial to be a strategic business partner to your clients, deliver an outstanding customer experience, and execute a winning cloud go-to-market strategy.

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