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What Are Go-To-Market Tactics?

Every company wants its product launch to be successful. They may use multiple ways to grow, but all of them share one common element — the go-to-market strategy. This defines how they place their product in front of its intended audience.

If you don’t use the right go-to-market tactics, you’re likely to spin your wheels without getting anywhere.

This can be a common scenario, especially if you’re trying to break into the market or launch a new product. That’s why we’re diving deeper into go-to-market tactics that can power your current and future marketing objectives.

Go-to-market tactics definition

Go-to-market tactics are planned activities that promote a product or service to achieve a specific marketing goal.

These tactics are carefully crafted to align with an organization’s broader marketing and SEO strategy and overall business vision. Go-to-market tactics are focused on:

  • Launching a new product or service in the market
  • Introducing an existing product or service to a new geography or audience
  • Supporting a relaunch of a current product or service

What are the different kinds of go-to-market tactics?

Go-to-market tactics evolve constantly. Teams cannot just “set it and forget it.” They implement the tactics, measure results, and make the necessary adjustments.

We’ve compiled a list of go-to-market tactics that can fit in your marketing strategy:

  • Paid content placements on social media, websites, or publications such as Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads
  • Paid brand representation or sponsorship for an event, webinar, or podcast
  • Positive reviews from a celebrity or influencer
  • Sending targeted emails to existing or potential customers
  • Showcasing the product in offline tradeshows and exhibitions
  • Creating and publishing targeted content for promoting the new product or service
  • Conducting pre-launch product challenges on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat
  • Producing short-form informational videos for customers on how to use their product or service
  • Video testimonials from existing customers
  • Engaging with potential customers on online communities such as Quora

Never choose a marketing tactic just because it’s easy to implement, but the tactics that fit your overall go-to-market goals.

Bringing a product to market need not be complicated. Add powerful go-to-market tactics to your overall strategy and grow your company with a planned and meaningful approach.

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