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What Is a Go-To-Market Pitch Deck?

ROI is critical in business. Organizations plan for a reasonable rate of return on their product launches. They look for ways to demonstrate efficient processes to gain new customers and grow revenues.

A go-to-market pitch deck or a go-to-market slide helps to do exactly that. It makes the organization’s go-to-market strategies crystal clear to all investors and other relevant stakeholders.

Go-to-market slide definition

A go-to-market pitch deck is a presentation that outlines the new product launch in a simple and visual format.

It clarifies the go-to-market strategy for all stakeholders, whether it’s a new product launch or brand relaunch in a new territory. Use the go-to-market pitch deck to:

  • Inform cross-functional teams and stakeholders about the go-to-market strategy
  • Illustrate the broader business strategy and connect it to the product launch
  • Authenticate the service or product launch pricing, audience, market, or timing

What goes in a go-to-market pitch deck?

Go-to-market slides differ based on an organization’s nature, scope, and launch strategy. However, here’s a list of some common elements included in most of them:

  • Service or product name and definition
  • Identification of the market, client, and their attributes
  • Validation of market needs
  • Strategic business goals
  • Market benchmarking and competitive intelligence
  • Product launch beta testing
  • Go-to-market strategy and business case
  • Pricing, sales, and service support
  • Product launch roadmap
  • Promotion plan including public relations, advertising, and other marketing programs
  • Launch budgets and required list of resources
  • Launch KPIs and metrics to be tracked

Go-to-market pitch deck tips and best practices

Create a simple but comprehensive go-to-market pitch deck with these tips and best practices:

  • Use multimedia elements, including visuals, quotes, Gantt charts, and SWOT analysis to share ideas. Visual elements are great for improving understanding and data retention.
  • Pick one idea per go-to-market slide to keep them easy to understand and avoid overwhelming your audience, which may not be technical.
  • Present the strategy with accurate, valid, and relevant data to minimize errors.

Any stakeholder should be able to review the go-to-market slides and quickly understand the product launch strategy.

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