Work as One With the Best Team Management Software

Use Wrike’s team management software to streamline workflows and keep track of multiple departments across your company.
<p>Work as One With the Best Team Management Software</p>


Empower teams with
all-in-one software

Unify your colleagues with Wrike’s robust team management app. Our real-time tools make it easy for teams to amplify communication and work together remotely. Improve organization and store everything in one place with powerful team project management software.

Build a collaboration hub

Build a collaboration hub

Create a unified workspace for your colleagues. Organize project tasks, share files in folders, and design unique team spaces.

Ensure regular communication

Ensure regular communication

Give instant feedback and share project updates with a click — keep everyone in the loop with Wrike’s team management software.

Simplify remote work

Simplify remote work

Collaborate remotely and view project updates on the go. Work from anywhere in the world with Wrike’s team management app.

Experience top team management tools

Wrike’s team management software has plenty of features to make your work life easier.

Simplify team management with ready-built templates

Use Wrike’s team management software templates to plan projects and keep them on track.

Outline goals

Align different teams by sharing company-wide objectives and key results and mapping the steps you need to get there.

Stay Agile

Unlock the power of Agile with Wrike’s team management software. Prioritize backlogs, plan sprints, and accelerate deliverables.

Work from anywhere

Take the pain out of remote work with Wrike’s team management tools. Create a secure virtual office for your teams.

Schedule projects

Break large projects down into small tasks with flexible due dates. Manage milestones and deadlines with team Gantt charts.

Kickstart campaigns

Design top marketing campaigns with Wrike’s team project management software. Execute plans, monitor progress, and boost ROI.

Communicate effectively

Eliminate miscommunication today — connect colleagues and update stakeholders with intuitive team project management tools.

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“I’ve never seen a tool as easy to use, as easy to onboard new users, as easy to scale, and as easy to customize to your own workflow, process, team, clientele, and changing environment.”

Cheryl Venable, Senior Manager of Operations, Creative Center, Sony Pictures Television
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“Before Wrike, there was no kind of centralized place to manage anything ... Now I can keep team members on track for completing their tasks and I can relay to our cross-functional partners where we are in the design process.”

Nicole Censani, Design Operations Manager, Fitbit
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“Team members love Wrike because they no longer have a long list of 400+ disjointed tasks. They feel like they have more control and visibility into how their work impacts company goals.”

Shaun Carlson, Director of R&D and Continuous Innovation, Arvig
<p>How to use Wrike’s team management software</p>

Robust resources to enhance your team management

Get even more trusted features from our team management software. Use top tips to better manage your resources and work collaboratively from wherever you are. Our team management tools empower users in more ways than one.


Connect global teams

Wrike’s team management software can broaden your company’s reach — build a powerful link with colleagues across the world.

remote work guide

Embrace remote work

Find out how to maintain a positive environment, motivate virtual employees, and ensure transparency with Wrike’s ultimate guide.

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Manage resources

Maximize efficiency with Wrike’s team management tools. Balance workloads and redistribute resources to avoid burnout.


Work collaboratively

Use Wrike’s team project management software to align marketing efforts, collaborate on successful campaigns, and analyze results.

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Increase visibility

View progress across your organization with team project management tools such as custom dashboards and status reports.

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Satisfy clients

Manage client portfolios, deliver projects on time, and stay within budget — turbocharge your professional services offering.

<p>Upgrade your team management software today</p>

Upgrade your team management software today

Powerful team management tools

<p>Upgrade your team management software today</p>