These days, we need all the work management help we can get. We’re juggling remote teams, hybrid work, diverse projects, and fast-changing environments.

One of the top tools for effective project management in 2022 is the Gantt chart. It’s a great way to keep track of multiple projects, teams, and goals. But what Gantt chart software is best for you, your team, and your organization? To figure this out, you’ll need to understand the top benefits, features, pros, and cons of all the options available.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

What is Gantt chart software?

We’ll start with the basics. Gantt charts have been around for a while — they were first introduced more than a century ago — but they’ve evolved a lot over the years, going from pencil drawings to elaborate digital designs. 

In a nutshell, all Gantt charts illustrate a plan, usually for projects or other big undertakings. They do this by visualizing tasks on a timeline. All relevant information is represented on a horizontal bar graph, illustrating at a glance any tasks, dependencies, and milestones. 

Key to this is the ability to visualize progress, so that viewers can ascertain quickly if delivery will happen on time. 

Modern Gantt chart software takes this idea much further, by combining the simplicity of the original chart with advanced digital features. This helps project managers to break down complex projects into achievable phases and short-term sprints. They can then assign tasks to owners and track progress on an individual, team, and company level. 

By viewing all this information on a Gantt chart, they can monitor the project’s development easily, spotting bottlenecks or roadblocks before they turn into delays. It’s a great tool to keep things moving, assuring on-time delivery every time.

Benefits of Gantt chart software in project management

So now that we’re clear on what it is, it’s time to look at the many benefits of Gantt chart software systems in the modern workplace.

  1. Improved focus
    The best Gantt chart software offers the ability to see a project’s priorities at a glance. Teams will be able to log in any time to get a complete picture of what tasks are required, and when. This helps to keep everyones’ eyes on the prize, minimizing distractions that might impede a smooth delivery. 
  2. Easier collaboration
    By using Gantt chart software online, teams can make sure they’re all on the same page, no matter where they are in the world. They can simply log in to view developments, complete tasks, and add comments, links, and resources. It’s all updated in real time, ensuring that collaboration is fast, effective, and secure.
  3. Elimination of silos
    Gantt chart software helps teams to keep working together towards shared goals, rather than fragmenting into disconnected silos. When colleagues can see each other’s efforts and contributions, it keeps momentum moving, helping to achieve smoother delivery with fewer roadblocks.  
  4. Faster delivery
    Efficiency is something we all strive for, in every company or organization. By visualizing goals and monitoring progress, queries or questions can be resolved quickly before they become delays. Sluggish phases can be accelerated with extra support or redistributed resources as needed.
  5. Enhanced communication
    Robust work management software with Gantt charts reduces the need for email check-ins and catch-up calls by offering complete visibility to stakeholders. They can access the chart any time from anywhere, and scroll through the timeline, tasks, and comments to get a clear understanding of the status quo.
  6. More transparency
    Modern teams are often based in a variety of on-site, remote, or hybrid environments. This means that transparency is more important than ever, to foster a better sense of trust and teamwork. Gantt charts make workloads and due dates visible to everyone, so everyone knows they’re all in the same boat.
  7. Better time management
    It’s amazing how fast due dates seem to come along, even when they were set weeks or months ago. Gantt chart software helps to avoid last-minute panic by keeping deadlines front and center during a project’s planning and implementation. That means that time can be allocated and used to make sure delivery happens when it’s supposed to.
  8. Reduced risk of burnout
    Project management can be stressful, particularly during complex or time-pressured phases. The best Gantt chart software can help reduce the risk of burnout by increasing visibility and communication between team members and stakeholders. That way, resources can be redistributed or support applied quickly if needed.

Top features to look for in Gantt chart software

Whether you choose free Gantt chart software or a paid version, there are a couple of key features you should try to include. For example, you will want to be able to:

  • Visualize every step
    Gantt charts are renowned for their ability to convert complex situations into easy-to-follow diagrams. However, not all Gantt charts are created equal. You need to be able to visualize each step of the process, not just the start- and end-date.
  • Establish milestones
    Most project managers seek to break large and unwieldy projects into smaller phases or sprints that are easier to manage. Teams can use Gantt chart software online to visualize each stage or milestone as part of the overall journey to delivery. 
  • Drag-and-drop tasks
    The ability to drag and drop tasks means that project managers can keep balancing workloads, pushing progression forward, and maintaining momentum. It’s a simple but very important feature you’ll need for effective delivery.
  • Update in real time
    Things change, priorities shift, and deadlines move. The best Gantt chart software allows you to make updates any time, anywhere, with the changes appearing instantly. That way, stakeholders can see at a glance the up-to-date status of the project.
  • Create dependencies
    Most projects are just a series of actions that combine to an overall result, right? Dependencies can make sure your tasks stay connected, so that one doesn’t happen without the other — keeping your overall project on track.
  • Import data easily
    Any Gantt chart software comparison should include a review of its integrations. We’re surrounded by data, but it’s only useful if we can deploy it in our work. Make sure your work management platform allows you to import data easily, quickly, and securely.

Is it worth considering free online Gantt chart software?

In the world of project management, like everything in life, you get what you pay for. That means that, while there are free online Gantt chart software providers, they’re not always the right choice for you. 

That’s because Gantt charts are good on their own, but only really great when they’re part of a bigger project management platform. This means they can integrate with shared calendars, collaboration tools, time trackers, real-time insights, and much more.

By using Gantt charts as part of a full toolbox, they become far more powerful, allowing you to streamline processes, enhance collaboration and speed up delivery.

Which is the best Gantt chart software in 2022?

Forbes ranked Wrike highest in a recent review of Gantt chart software, at 4.7 out of 5 stars. “Overall, it checks all the boxes when it comes to desirable features while being a good value for the money,” the reviewers said, adding that they loved the “numerous integrations that you can use, making task management and collaboration easier.” This demonstrates that there’s a lot to consider when trying to conduct a Gantt chart software comparison. 

Let’s look at all the major providers of online Gantt chart software, to see the pros, cons, and prices of the different options. 

1: Wrike

Wrike is the most powerful work management software available. Its dynamic platform includes Gantt charts, which are continually top-rated by users in every industry. These are packed full of features that integrate seamlessly with other software, allowing you to move cleanly between favorite work tools.  

Wrike Gantt chart software features

Built to offer serious functionality as well as eye-catching design, Wrike provides the best Gantt chart software on the market.

  • Dynamic timelines
    Wrike’s online Gantt charts are much more than just interactive timelines — they give you a complete view of your work, including scope, assignees, and dependencies. They’re also fully adjustable, with real-time updates.
  • Intelligent analysis
    Wrike’s online Gantt chart software includes intelligent critical path analysis that helps you spot potential bottlenecks that can cause operational inefficiencies. 
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
    One of the most valuable features of Wrike Gantt charts is the ability to drag and drop tasks and slide dates. This helps to overcome potential bottlenecks fast.
  • Multiple project management tools
    Wrike allows you to control multiple projects from one single platform. Update project timelines with a simple drag-and-drop action and collaborate among teams in real time.
  • Easy integration
    Wrike’s Gantt chart software seamlessly connects with your favorite apps, tools, and platforms like Microsoft Project Management. Import key data in seconds.
  • Smooth reporting
    Cut out endless email chains and time-consuming calls by sharing updated Gantt charts across multiple teams or stakeholders with the click of a button in Wrike. 
  • Smart dependencies 
    Most projects involve a series of tasks that build towards overall completion. Wrike’s Gantt chart software makes this easy to visualize by creating dependencies.
  • Secure storage
    Wrike offers secure, cloud-based storage for all users, ensuring that a team or organization’s Gantt charts are safe, but also easily accessible for future reference.

Key benefits of Wrike Gantt chart software

  1. Wrike customers range from personal accounts all the way to enterprises with thousands of users. Wrike’s pricing is designed to suit all budgets.
  2. Wrike offers some of the best work management automation on the market, with request forms that can automate entire projects and workflows, not just tasks.
  3. Users can tag each other into tasks, projects, and spaces, making silos, duplicate requests, and crossed wires a thing of the past.

Other features and considerations

Wrike’s Gantt charts are just one element of powerful project management software that will benefit the entire organization. Wrike offers the best of both worlds, with a fast, simple set-up, as well as advanced customization capabilities. A library of ready-built templates and training resources will help first-time users hit the ground running, while enhanced configuration options allow growing users to adapt Gantt chart tools to suit their organization’s processes, language, and way of working. 

Pricing plans

Wrike offers a free plan for individuals and teams. For users seeking to create Gantt charts, advanced optionality is available at Team ($9.80 per month), Business ($24.80), and Enterprise (bespoke pricing) level.

Customer ratings and reviews

Wrike was top-rated by TrustRadius in 2022, as well as winning awards of 4.3/5 by Capterra, and 4.2/5 by

2: Zoho

Zoho Gantt chart software features

Zoho Projects software includes Gantt charts with chronological, milestone, and project timeline views to help you better plan, track, and deliver projects. 

Key benefits of Zoho Gantt chart software

  1. Zoho Projects offers three affordable plans, from free to $10 a month
  2. It includes dependencies that allow you to connect tasks and manage dates
  3. Its drag-and-drop functionality makes their Gantt charts more interactive

Other features and considerations

Zoho Projects is a great resource for cost-conscious organizations that only require Gantt charts. Users seeking Gantt charts and project management together will need to purchase two different sets of software though — unlike Wrike, which offers everything in one convenient place, with a two-week free trial too. 

Pricing plans

Customers who choose Zoho Projects can sign up for a free plan, or pay $5 monthly for premium access and $10 a month for enterprise-level functionality (as of August 22).

3: Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan Gantt chart software features

Visually engaging and simple to use, Toggle Plan Gantt chart software features attractive timelines with color coding, built-in filters, and drag-and-drop functionality. 

Key benefits of Toggl Plan Gantt chart software

  1. Real-time collaboration means that Gantt charts are updated instantly from anywhere in the world
  2. Connects with strong time tracking tools to view and manage resources well
  3. A visually attractive interface makes the Gantt charts fun to use and share

Other features and considerations

Toggl Plan’s Gantt chart software online grew from Toggle Track, which was designed to offer time tracking tools. This means that it is particularly strong on the time-related factors within project and work management, although advanced features are only available on paid plans. While Toggl Plan regularly adds third-party integrations, users should check to see if easy sync with their favorite tool is available before signing up.

Pricing plans

Individual users can select the free ‘Solo’ plan, while team members can choose between the ‘Team’ plan for $8 per user per month, or the ‘Business’ option, at $13.35 per user per month (as of August ‘22).

4: Agantty

Agantty Gantt chart software features

The clue is in the name with Agantty, which is a free project management solution featuring dashboards, templates, and — you guessed it — Gantt charts.

Key benefits of Agantty Gantt chart software

  1. Agantty makes it easy to manage tasks, projects, and users through Gantt chart templates
  2. It includes a rights management system, offering adjustable permissions
  3. Tasks can be exported by PDF, and reminders can be sent by email

Other features and considerations

Because it offers an easy-to-use free online Gantt chart, Agantty appeals to many non-business users, including creatives, educators, and families. However, teams and users managing multiple projects or groups looking for advanced time tracking tools will require a paid plan. 

Pricing plans

Free for many years, Agantty has recently introduced a Premium model offering unlimited projects, unlimited teams, and unlimited tasks for €4.90 per user, per month (as of August 2022).

5: TeamGantt

TeamGantt software features

While built around Gantt charts, TeamGantt software includes other great features, such as resource management, drag-and-drop functionality, and time tracking tools. 

Key benefits of TeamGantt software

  1. It includes the ability to create dependencies, subgroups, and nest tasks
  2. Users can toggle between different views, including Gantt, calendar and lists
  3. The option of comparing planned and actual timelines is very useful

Other features and considerations

One of the big attractions to TeamGantt is its easy reporting. While the free plan is limited to just one project, with no guests, the paid plans allow sharing without log-in, which is great for keeping stakeholders up to date without having to create additional users. Time tracking tools are only currently available on the Advanced plan.

Pricing plans

TeamGantt offers free Gantt chart software for single projects, a Standard plan at $19.90 per user per month, and an Advanced plan at $24.45 per user per month (as of August 2022). 

6: OpenProject

OpenProject Gantt chart software features

Offering open source project management software, OpenProject features Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and list views, as well as time tracking tools and customizable templates.

Key benefits of OpenProject Gantt chart software

  1. OpenProject’s Gantt charts include work packages and dependencies
  2. The ability to leverage open source software offers additional capabilities
  3. Data security and sovereignty are a high priority, with enhanced safeguards

Other features and considerations

OpenProject is proud to host a community of open-source enthusiasts, developers, and businesses who can work together to customize, adapt, and improve work management software. This means that while the interface is highly functional, it is limited to web-based use (a mobile app isn’t currently available). 

Pricing plans

OpenProject offers free Gantt chart software online with its Community plan. Alternatively, users can get higher functionality on its paid plans, ranging from Basic ($7.25) to Premium ($19.50) and Corporate (on request). There are a minimum number of users for these accounts, however. (Information from August 2022).

7: GanttPRO

GanttPRO software features

Designed to visualize project management through Gantt charts, Gantt Pro features include the ability to prioritize projects, set dependencies, and drag and drop tasks across timelines.

Key benefits of GanttPRO software

  • The interface looks great, with colorful visuals and simple layouts
  • The software includes ready-built (and customizable) Gantt chart templates
  • Users can generate a public URL, so stakeholders can view charts easily

Other features and considerations

The provision of professionally-designed Gantt chart templates is a great bonus. GanttPro have created dozens of templates specifically for industries, including software development, marketing, construction, manufacturing, retail, and event planning. That said, there is no free plan available, and those availing of the 14-day trial should note that unless they upgrade, their work won’t be saved after the two-week period expires.

Pricing plans

GanttPRO doesn’t offer free Gantt chart software — prices start at $7.99 per month, going up to $19.99 for a Business Plan. Like most alternatives, it has an Enterprise option too, with bespoke pricing (as of August 2022).

8: ClickUp

ClickUp software features

The Gantt chart software from ClickUp includes features like the ability to track time, automate workflows, and facilitate any style of project management, including Agile and Waterfall methodologies.

Key benefits of ClickUp software

  1. Users can reschedule projects easily with its drag-and-drop interface
  2. The Gantt view offers the ability to view multiple projects at once
  3. The platform includes integrations with many popular tools like Outlook, Slack, or Google Drive

Other features and considerations

The ClickUp Free Forever plan does include Gantt charts (limited to 100 uses) which is a great benefit for personal users or small groups. While reports of buggy integrations and templates persist, ClickUp’s site confirms that it is now experiencing its highest uptime in 12 months. Customer support is also on hand — although in English only.

Pricing plans

ClickUp’s paid plans range from $5, $12, and $19 per user per month, all the way to a custom Enterprise package (as of August 2022). They also have a Free Forever plan, which offers a number of benefits. 

9: software features

One of the more popular work management platforms,’s Gantt chart software includes features such as dependencies, drag-and-drop functionality, multiple assignees, and automated tasks.

Key benefits of Monday software

  1. allows for extensive customization and adaptability
  2. There are a number of templates available, including Gantt charts
  3. Its colorful, vibrant interface is enjoyable to work with

Other features and considerations

For regular collaborators,’s limited cross-functional collaboration and lack of native proofing features could create challenges for certain teams. Like most big work management platforms, there is a learning curve for users, who report that it can take some time to understand’s functionality. Although 24/7 customer support is available across all plans, it’s email only, which can result in a slower path to resolution. 

Pricing plans has five pricing options in total, including the Free version, and paid plans ranging from €8 up to €16 per seat per month (as of August ‘22). Users at an Enterprise level can negotiate a bespoke price plan.

10: RedBooth

RedBooth software features

Redbooth offers free Gantt chart software, called ‘Timeline View’. Its features allow users to easily add tasks, drag and drop to change dates, create task dependencies, and set filters to visualize and prioritize what matters most.

Key benefits of RedBooth software

  1. Gantt charts are available on their free plan
  2. Users can start HD video meetings from within the platform in two clicks
  3. AI-powered Redbooth Predict uses historical data points to improve and accelerate project management

Other features and considerations

While Redbooth does provide a free online Gantt chart, it doesn’t include task dependencies. In addition, it doesn’t currently offer sector-specific Gantt chart templates. The simplicity and ease-of-use of the Redbooth platform are attractive, but users who intend to scale quickly might find they need a more advanced level of complexity, customization, and analytics.

Pricing plans

Redbooth offers a robust free plan, while their paid plans are positioned at $9 and $15 per user per month (as of August 2022). Custom pricing is available for Enterprise-level users.

11: Smartsheet

Smartsheet software features

Many of us have traditionally used sheets in Excel or Google Sheets to manage our schedules and projects. Smartsheet has built on this idea, offering Gantt chart software that includes dashboards, templates, and the ability to automate some functions.

Key benefits of Smartsheet software

  1. The platform allows customizable, exportable reporting
  2. It includes a range of templates that can help teams get started faster
  3. New integration with OnePager helps to enhance visualization of Gantt charts

Other features and considerations

As it’s designed around spreadsheets, Smartsheets will feel particularly comfortable for those familiar with managing their projects via Excel-type layouts. However, users also find that this spreadsheet layout offers the same limitations as traditional spreadsheets, but at an additional cost. Although a free trial is available, there is no permanent free plan available, which might not appeal to small teams or personal users.

Pricing plans

While Smartsheet offers a free trial, users must upgrade to a paid plan after 30 days. These are priced at $7 (Pro) and $25 (Business) per user per month — the difference is mainly related to permitted editors, storage levels, and automation limits (as of August 2022). At Enterprise level, customers can negotiate an agreed price.

12: Tom’s Planner

Tom’s Planner software features

Unlike other Gantt chart software providers, Tom’s Planner is dedicated entirely to Gantt charts, offering visualization features like color time blocks, traffic lights, and filters. Users can also drag and drop tasks and create dependencies.

Key benefits of Tom’s Planner software

  1. Tom’s Planner is very easy to use, with a short learning curve
  2. It includes a wide range of ready-to-use templates to get you started
  3. Dynamic project overviews help you keep track of progress, your way

Other features and considerations

Tom’s Planner was designed to strip away some of the complexity of major work management platforms. Its UI is also somewhat basic, with only a select number of integrations with third-party apps. While this makes it simpler to use, it does limit teams or organizations who could benefit from extra tools like time tracking or proofing available in leading work management platforms like Wrike.

Pricing plans

Tom’s Planner has three pricing plans: free, $9.95 per user per month, and $19.95 per user per month, with a discount for yearly subscriptions (as of August 2022).

13: StudioBinder

StudioBinder Planner software features

Built specifically for creative industries, StudioBinder is a video, TV, and film production management platform with Gantt chart software that features a drag-and-drop interface, custom templates, and the ability to combine files, comments, and tasks in the chart.

Key benefits of StudioBinder software

  1. It has an attractive, engaging user experience that’s easy to navigate 
  2. It allows users to securely store and access a combination of file types
  3. Specially designed Gantt chart templates help users manage production better

Other features and considerations

StudioBinder does include a ‘Free Forever’ plan, although it’s limited to one project only, without Gantt charts. Users who specialize in producing content will benefit from industry-specific features like call sheets, script breakdowns, and shooting schedules, but they may be too niche (and somewhat expensive) for those outside of the entertainment or production sectors.

Pricing plans

StudioBinder’s paid plans start at $25 per user per month, going up to $85 per user per month for the ‘Studio’ package (as of August 2022). There is no free trial, but it does offer a ‘Free Forever’ plan with limited functionality, to give new customers a taste of what’s to come. 

14. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 Planner software features

Bitrix24 is an online work management platform that includes free Gantt chart software with four dependency types, as well as resource planning and workflow automation tools for better team collaboration.

Key benefits of Bitrix24 software

  1. Bitrix24 is a multifaceted tool, offering additional business management benefits
  2. Its free plan includes unlimited Gantt charts and 5GB of storage
  3. Collaboration is enhanced by features that mimic social media interactions

Other features and considerations

Bitrix24 is often mentioned as a good option for organizations or companies who are seeking to scale. This is because it offers a number of business management tools, all packaged in a single online platform that integrates well with other software providers. That very complexity can make the learning curve a little steep though, and the mobile app is still somewhat buggy for regular users.

Pricing plans

While its free plan is stronger than many other competitor options, Bitrix24’s paid plans can be expensive for small teams, running from $43 per month for five users, going up to $350 per month for 250 users (as of August 2022).

15. Backlog

Backlog software features

Originally created with software developers in mind, Backlog is a project management and collaboration tool which includes Gantt charts. Features include the ability to drag and drop, adjust tasks in bulk, and assign role-based controls.

Key benefits of Backlog software

  1. The platform features a simple, clutter-free user interface
  2. Gantt charts are customizable in terms of colors and dependencies
  3. Additional guest roles available for stakeholder review

Other features and considerations

Backlog is part of a suite of other Nulab-operated applications and tools dedicated to managing work, communications, and system security. This means there are added benefits to explore for growing teams, although limited third-party integrations are available. Gantt charts are only available on the paid plans, though.

Pricing plans

While it doesn’t include a free online Gantt chart, Backlog’s $0 plan does include up to 10 users, so it’s useful for teams to try. Paid plans range from $35 per month (30 users) to $175 (unlimited users) and into the bespoke Enterprise category (as of August 2022). 

16. InstaGantt for Asana

InstaGantt for Asana features

InstaGantt for Asana Gantt chart software plugin features help users visually plan projects and schedule tasks by creating start dates, progress percentages, connected tasks, and dependencies. 

Key benefits of using InstaGantt for Asana

  1. It is backed by Asana, so syncs seamlessly with this platform
  2. The interface is attractive, with simple export and reporting features
  3. Users can drag and drop tasks and create dependencies, assignees, and comments easily

Other features and considerations

InstaGantt is specifically designed as a Gantt chart software online provider. Users who want to access a wider range of business supports such as resource management, time tracking tools, and proofing functionality will need to sign up to a broader work management platform.

Pricing plans

Asana subscribers can access InstaGantt for free, but for independent users, paid plans are available starting from $5 per user per month (as of August 2022). There is also a seven-day trial period for customers who want to sample its capabilities first. 

17. ProofHub

ProofHub software features

Proofhub’s Gantt chart software offers features including task dependencies, milestones, progress tracking, drag-and-drop functionality, and the ability to export or print Gantt charts. 

Key benefits of ProofHub software

  1. Users can highlight a critical path on Gantt charts to see key milestones
  2. A chat feature offers opportunities for fast and easy collaboration
  3. The ability to email in tasks rather than logging on directly is handy

Other features and considerations

While it sounds like it’s focused on proofing only, ProofHub is in fact a full-service collaboration software platform. That means it includes a range of additional features, such as collaboration, time tracking, and document storage tools. However, its entry-level pricing might be high for individual users or small teams, and users seeking advanced customization capabilities may not find all they need.

Pricing plans

ProofHub’s pricing is a little different to other competitors, as it charges a flat-rate fee of either $45 per month (40 projects) or $89 per month (unlimited projects) (as of August 2022). This means that there isn’t a pay-per-seat charge, but it is relatively high for smaller teams. 

18. Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project software features

As the name indicates, Microsoft Project is the technology behemoth’s project management platform. Users regularly cite Gantt charts as a big plus for the platform, with features such as milestones, critical paths, and customizable views. 

Key benefits of Microsoft Project software

  1. It will be easily accessible to those trained as project managers
  2. It integrates easily with other MS products like Teams, and Outlook
  3. The built-in Gantt chart generator is intuitive

Other features and considerations

Project is part of the Microsoft 365 family, which means that, although it’s more complex to use, it does connect seamlessly to familiar apps and platforms like Microsoft Office. However, it doesn’t come free with a 365 subscription; it has to be purchased or added separately. It also doesn’t currently include the type of advanced cross-functional collaboration available in platforms such as Wrike.

Pricing plans

While there is no free Gantt chart software plan with Microsoft Project, the paid plans start at €8.40 per user per month and go up to €46.40 per user per month (as of August 2022). A free 30-day trial is also available. 

19. Office Timeline

Office Timeline software features

For many people, Gantt charts are a key part of presentations — to colleagues, stakeholders, or clients. Office Timeline works well to this effect, helping to create visually rich Gantt charts with roadmaps, swimlanes, and templates that work seamlessly with PowerPoint presentations.

Key benefits of Office Timeline

  1. The Gantt chart software includes 24 specially-designed templates
  2. Its ‘Wizard’ function helps to guide new users with easy-to-follow instructions
  3. It’s easy to import data from multiple sources for inclusion in your Gantt chart

Other features and considerations

Another branch of Microsoft’s tree of work management software, Office Timeline was built primarily to help enrich diagrams, schedules, and timelines for presentations. While it works well alongside project management software, it doesn’t include any advanced tools like time tracking or resource allocation. As an add-on tool, it could be seen as expensive for small teams or individual users.

Pricing plans

Purchasers of Office Timeline have to choose either a Powerpoint/Windows-based add-in (starting at $59 for a one-year Basic license), or a browser-based online tool ($99 for a one-year license) (as of August 2022).  

20. Microsoft Excel

Excel software features

Part of the ubiquitous Office suite for many years now, Microsoft Excel doesn’t offer Gantt chart software per se. However, some people still use the platform to convert data into simple Gantt charts, with the ability to view projects by phases, progress, tasks, due dates, and assignees. 

Key benefits of using Excel for Gantt charts

  1. It will feel familiar and relatively easy for existing Excel users
  2. There are many free online Gantt chart templates available for Excel
  3. It’s compatible with many other file formats, allowing simpler export

Other features and considerations

While using Excel for Gantt chart can seem like an easy choice initially, any attempt to scale in terms of complexity will run into challenges, or the need for sister software like Microsoft Project. Real-time collaboration is also limited, particularly if users are operating different versions. For overall project or work management, a full-service platform might be a better option. 

Pricing plans

Excel is part of Office 365, which starts at €7 per month. Alternatively, it can be bought on a standalone basis for €149 annually (as of August 2022).

How to choose the best Gantt chart software for your business

With so many options available, it can be tricky to decide what’s the best Gantt chart software for you or your team. Hopefully, the above list of this year’s most popular options will help to guide you during your research. For an extra helping hand, we’ve outlined three additional steps to make the decision process a little easier.

  1. Look internally first
    Start by reviewing your own needs. Are you looking for a very basic way to visualize your work, or will you need additional interface functionality, like drag-and-drop or task dependencies? Do you work on your own, or as part of a team? Do you have a budget to allocate to a paid plan, or will you need a freemium option instead? All of these questions will help to narrow down your search.
  2. Compare like for like
    When you’re conducting a Gantt chart software comparison, you’ll want to make sure you’re viewing similar products side by side. For example, a free plan will usually have less functionality than a paid version, and a Gantt chart tool will probably cost less than a work management platform. Make sure your narrowed-down options have similar offerings so you can get a clear picture of what’s best for you.
  3. Take a free trial
    The best Gantt chart software providers will offer a free trial, so you can see what’s available before you commit. When you sign up with Wrike, you can take a full two weeks to explore all that’s on offer, from dynamic Gantt charts to colorful Kanban boards, all the way to real-time collaboration and AI-driven automation. That way, you can be sure you’ve made the right decision when it comes time to confirm your choice of Gantt chart software for your business. 

How to get started with Wrike’s Gantt chart software

As the world’s most powerful work management platform, Wrike offers the best Gantt chart software available.

Wrike Gantt charts help you visualize your project, reschedule tasks (if necessary), and keep an eye on scheduled milestones. You can even go a step further and use dependencies to schedule tasks in relation to other tasks. 

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