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Help Your Teams Reach Every Goal With OKR Software

Turn ambition into action with Wrike’s easy-to-use OKR system. Streamline how you plan, track, and report on your teams’ goals.

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Help Your Teams Reach Every Goal With OKR Software


Boost results with this powerful OKR tool

Auto-organize your teams’ goals
Auto-organize your teams’ goals

Create and track OKRs at a company, department, team, and individual level that roll up for true holistic OKR management.

Track progress in real-time
Track progress in real-time

Enable teams to use real-time dashboards to visualize OKR milestones and immediately see what to prioritize.

Gain organization-wide metrics
Gain organization-wide metrics

Automatically deliver progress reports straight to your inbox, or share them instantly with execs for transparency.

Drive results with an easy-to-use OKR system

Transform how your teams approach and achieve their objectives with Wrike’s OKR tools.
Sync team OKR plans instantly
Track time spent on OKRs
Centralize all your OKR efforts
See progress and prioritize instantly
Visualize your OKRs in one click
Share OKR results in seconds

Sync data from everywhere

Continue to use your favorite software with Wrike’s 400+ integrations. Incorporate your OKR software with all the apps you need, ready at your fingertips.

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“We have a space specifically for each department’s OKRs. You can see whether it’s at 25%, 50%, or 75%. Wrike allows everyone in charge of an OKR to make status updates weekly. It’s given us great visibility.”

Eric Pilhofer, Senior Vice President of Creative, Marketing Architects
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“Wrike allows management to answer some key questions. ‘What are we working on? Does it align with what we’re trying to achieve with our strategy this year? Does it get us where we need to go in five years?’”

Nicole Fakhri, Manager of Continuous Improvement, Walmart Canada
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“I know teams can feel disconnected from work that’s happening in the central office. With Wrike, I send out weekly reports to share updates. Any team can scan them. It helps ensure no team gets left out.”

Brynne Roberts, Director of Creative Operations, Fitbit
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Why your business needs an OKR software

OKR software helps teams to set, share, and measure strategic goals, both at a team and an individual level. An OKR system provides a better way of tracking OKRs than informal messaging or irregular meetings. OKR software also provides a centralized place to record and share progress.

Why your business needs an OKR software
Powerful OKR software

Transform how you achieve your goals today

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OKRs stands for objectives and key results. It is a goal-setting framework used by successful companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Intel. An objective is a goal you would like to reach, while key results describe the metrics you will use to measure progress towards that goal.

Aside from the world’s biggest companies using OKRs to achieve their goals (including Wrike), there are many benefits to using them. OKRs promote disciplined, focused thinking and help teams to plan strategically for the future. They also help define the exact steps needed in order to achieve goals and bring better transparency across teams on what the top priorities are.

Our blog post on OKR quarterly planning gives several detailed examples of high-quality OKRs. The OKR will depend on whether it’s a company, department, team, or individual goal. Here is an example:

Company objective: To become the world’s most used collaborative work management software.
Key result 1: To run a focus group of 20 users to find and address any bugs or missing features.
Key result 2: To launch a new mobile app.
Key results 3: To achieve a #1 ranking on three review sites (G2, Capterra, TrustRadius).

Our content team has written extensively about OKRs and how best to use them. Here are a few of our best picks: