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See why Wrike’s Team plan is the only collaborative solution for your team’s meaningful work.

What makes Wrike different?

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Effectively manage your team and make an impact where it matters most

Work your way

Utilize the power of multiple work views in Team plan, like Gantt and Table views to visualize your team’s work in a snapshot. Enable dashboards to gain visibility of all your team’s work in context with cross-functional initiatives.

Increase efficiency

Wrike’s Team plan helps you maximize your impact and highlight your contributions, allowing you to focus on your core strengths. Stop wasting your time toggling between disparate tools. Use Wrike’s user-friendly Team plan to track all project progress.

Repeat success

Start creating meaningful and strategic work by eliminating the inefficient components of manual processes. Optimize your process workflow with automated messages and alerts, along with automated status changes that follow the logic of your team's workflow.

Collaborate with anyone

Take out the guesswork and empower your teams to collaborate and execute faster. Streamline where different types of requests are routed, who they should be assigned to, and what dates they need to be completed by, all based on what is filled out in the Request form. 

The fastest way to productivity with Wrike Lightspeed

Wrike combines speed, style, and substance, so your teams can do their best work every day. More intuitive, versatile, and scalable than any other solution.

<p>Experience the Wrike difference</p>

Experience the Wrike difference

<p>Experience the Wrike difference</p>