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Reduce Risk With Secure Project Management Software

Use Wrike’s robust project security tools to ensure confidential information stays only with those who need it.

<p>Reduce Risk With Secure Project Management Software</p>


Collaborate with better security

Our secure project management software offers the most comprehensive security on the market. Keep data safe with double encryption, role-based access, customizable user types, selective sharing, global server presence, and multiple privacy certifications — all with Wrike’s secure project management tools.

<h5>Control who has access</h5>
Control who has access

Enable two-factor authentication logins. Choose who can access each task, or determine each team member’s exact permissions across workspaces.

<h5>Ensure data stays secure</h5>
Ensure data stays secure

Trust in powerful physical and network security, continuous backup, and 99.9% uptime provided by our US and EU data centers.

<h5>Add additional protection</h5>
Add additional protection

Wrike’s secure project management software offers a dedicated encryption add-on. Our teams can also discuss and offer custom project security features.

Safeguard data with 360° security

Wrike’s secure project management software includes compliance with five different security certifications. Our project security constantly evolves to ensure that your data remains secure and private, no matter what happens.

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"You have to choose the right provider and ensure you have confidence in them. Wrike is one of the most secure collaborative work management platforms out there, and we really feel we’re in the right hands."

Torsten Mühlhoff, Marketing Controlling & Corporate Projects, ABUS Security
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“How you organize, how you file, how you do everything is completely different, it's completely safe and secure. Nothing gets lost. Platform became a non-issue. With Wrike, there is trust.”

Kassandra Taggart, President and Owner, Real Property Management
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“If there was something that we couldn't make work, the Wrike team always came up with a fabulous workaround, and then they came up with the actual function to make it work.”

Patricia Davis, Manager of the PMO, F5 Networks

Discover our full suite of secure project management tools

Enterprise-grade security is just one of the many benefits of Wrike’s secure project management software. Protect all your project resources and empower your team with all of Wrike’s advanced secure project management tools so they can be prepared in every situation.

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Automate your workflow

Streamline your workflow instantly. Automate intake, data input, task allocation, and more.

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Benefit from 24/7 support

Get the most out of Wrike’s secure project management software with access to our expert consultants at all times.

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Collaborate from anywhere

Improve team collaboration and project management security, no matter where you’re working from.

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Support your Agile teams

Wrike’s secure project management software includes automatic folder organization and Agile templates for smoother sprints.

Create one-click Gantt charts

Use Wrike’s adjustable Gantt charts to visualize projects and adjust when details change.

Maximize your teams’ time

Accelerate your invoicing and track time with automatic timers, or add hours manually.

<p>Boost project security with Wrike</p>

Boost project security with Wrike

Trusted secure project management software
<p>Boost project security with Wrike</p>