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What Is a Senior Project Manager?

A senior project manager is often thought of as a more experienced project manager. They are entrusted with larger and more complex projects, and may be put in charge of more projects at once. The exact job description and requirements will vary from company to company. A senior project manager may have additional responsibilities relating to the management of projects, project managers, and the organization as a whole. 

Project responsibilities may include:
  • Being the escalation point. Senior project managers may be a key point of contact for stakeholders on projects that belong to junior staff. This is done to provide an escalation path for issues the project manager cannot resolve on their own. 
  • Save struggling projects. When a project gets too far off track, a senior project manager may be required to step in to support the project manager or take over the project.
  • Responsibilities for project managers may include:Interviewing and hiring. Senior project managers may assist with interviewing and hiring new project staff.
  • Training and managing. In some organizations, project managers report directly to senior project managers.
  • Mentoring and coaching. Senior project managers are often expected to coach and mentor junior staff.
  • Acting as a role model. People in this role may be expected to be a role model for junior members of the team.
  • Responsibilities for the organization may include:Big-picture support. A senior project manager may be expected to help with program management and other PMO duties.
  • Championing progress. Senior project managers may act as champions of learning, process improvement, and project management within the company.

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