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Where Do Project Managers Work?

It's up to project managers to plan, budget, execute, and measure all aspects of a project. Due to the abstract nature of their role, project managers can essentially work anywhere — in any physical location, with any size of company, in any industry. However, project managers are most common in organizations with upper management and multiple teams and departments who are involved in several extensive projects.

In What Industries Do Project Managers Work?

Industries where project managers are in high demand:

  • Healthcare - The main focus areas for this industry are lowering costs and improving healthcare facilities. According to CIO Insight, healthcare organizations are seeking project managers with strong IT skills who are familiar with mobile devices, social media, and data analytics to unify services.
  • Construction - Project managers with experience in the construction industry will do well in the Asian job market, as Project Management best practices are growing in this region. For example, India needs approximately 1 million skilled project managers to fill gaps in large construction projects that require comprehensive knowledge in planning and managerial duties along with complex regulatory compliance.
  • Information Technology - The technology sector is one of the most thriving industries in the world. IT corporations based in the US are rapidly taking over smaller IT companies and expanding into APAC. In order to execute complex IT projects across the globe, there's a huge opportunity for project managers with a standardized set of skills to turn strategic vision into tangible goals.

So, where do project managers work? They can be hired in pretty much any industry, but are more prominent in healthcare, construction, and IT.

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