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The Ultimate Guide to Project Management

Get advice on fundamentals, productivity, collaboration and more from The Ultimate Guide to Project Management

If you’re learning about project management for the first time and you’ve come across our Wrike blog, you’ll realize we’ve written quite a lot of articles on project management, methodologies, and leadership strategies over the years. We collected the best of the best into one ultimate guide to help you understand and learn all about project management. It’s organized here by general topic, so it’s easy to find what you need.

Project Management Fundamentals: Learning the Basics

There is much to learn in the art of managing a project. For beginners to the field, (and for those willing to review the basics) here’s a list of common methodologies, terms, and tips.

Project Management Basics: A Review of PM Methodologies (Part 1)
Project Management Basics: A Quick-Start Guide to PM Methodologies (Part 2)
Fundamentals of the Scrum Methodology
Project Management Basics: A Quickstart Glossary for Newbies (Part 1)
Project Management Basics: A Quickstart Glossary for Newbies (Part 2)
Project Management Basics: Beginner’s Guide to Gantt Charts
What is a Gantt Chart? [INFOGRAPHIC]
Startups Should Lean on Lean Project Management
5 Lessons in Lean Product Development from the Wright Brothers [INFOGRAPHIC]
Things a CEO can learn from a project manager: Part 1
Things a CEO can learn from a project manager: Part 2
Ultimate Guide to Project Risk, Part 1: Risk Assessment
Ultimate Guide to Project Risk, Part 2: Risk Management

Management: Leading Your Team to Project Success

Leadership is a skill that is in need of constant pruning. If we cease to learn new things, we set ourselves up for failure. Here are strategies and lessons for honing your management skills.

How Neuroscience Can Make You a Better Project Manager
4 Lessons Hockey Has Taught Me About Project Management
5 Project Management Ideas that Should be Extinct
10 Phrases That Can Ruin Your Project Kickoff Meeting
Is your team self-organizing?
Who Works More? The Secrets of Male and Female Working Habits in Wrike’s New Infographic
How to Stay Motivated at Work: The Science of Productive Breaks [INFOGRAPHIC]
8 Attitudes Guaranteed to Sink Your Agile Projects
5 Project Management Lessons to Superheroes [VIDEO]
15 Books Every Manager Should Read

Productivity: Tools and Tips for More Efficient Work

There are many tools out there that can help you streamline your day, mitigate distractions, and get things done more efficiently. Here’s a list of tools and strategies for helping you crank it out.

10 Free Productivity Apps for Getting Things Done
How to Increase Productivity at Work: 6 Mind-Switching Hacks
How to Set Up GTD Using Wrike
Creating GTD Folders in Wrike [VIDEO]
8 Lessons in Increased Productivity from Wrike Customers
10 Encouraging Productivity Proverbs for Your Office Wall (Part 1)
10 Encouraging Productivity Proverbs for Your Office Wall (Part 2)
How to Stay Motivated at Work: The Science of Productive Breaks [INFOGRAPHIC]
Productivity Lovers, Build Better Habits for Your Project Team
What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You More Productive [EBOOK]
5 Strategies for Forming Team Productivity Habits [WEBINAR]
Proven Techniques to Fight Productivity Killers [WEBINAR]
Project Management Software vs. Cloud File Storage: What’s the Difference?

Teams and Remote Collaboration: Unifying Your People

Nothing is more important than getting the right team in place and forging a collaborative unit dedicated to project success. Here are some tips and strategies for growing your team.

5 Tips for Forming Productivity Habits in Your Team (PMI Presentation Recap)
5 Tips for Embracing Cross-Cultural Differences on Project Teams
Top 5 Tips for Remote Collaboration with Wrike
4 Problems with Virtual Meetings that You Can Fix
4 Tips to Improve Your Next Meeting
Easy and Effective Remote Collaboration [SLIDESHARE]
The Past, Present and Future of Remote Collaboration: Where Does Your Team Stand?
10 Benefits of Cloud-Based Project Management Software
The Art of Staying Productive Even Across Distance [EBOOK]
Teamwork Across Borders. Secrets to Remote Collaboration [WEBINAR]
Wrike for Content Marketing Teams: Collaboration and Copyediting [VIDEO]
Top 3 Trends Shaping Project Collaboration
Using Wrike for High Performance Marketing Teams

Technology: Using the Right Project Management Tools

There are many tools used for project management, managing people, increasing productivity, and getting things done. Here are a few of them.

10 Free Productivity Apps for Getting Things Done
25 Online Tools to Run Your Startup
How I Use Online Collaboration Tools to Run a Marketing Team
Top 9 Project Management Tool Features on the SMB Wishlist
Wrike Integrates with Zapier for a World of Automation
Wrike and Github: Collaborative Coding Gets Much Easier with Wrike’s API

Social Media Resources: Connect with PM Experts

Social media is a fantastic tool to connect and learn from experts in project management all over the globe. Here’s how to find project managers and thought leaders on major social networks.

20 #ProjectManagement Gurus to Follow on Twitter
5 Project Management Groups to Join on LinkedIn
12 Useful Project Management Boards on Pinterest
11 Ways To Use Social Media To Find Project Management Resources (or just about anything!)
Will Your Company’s Social Media Marketing Efforts Pay Off? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Educational Resources: Learn More about Project Management

Sometimes you just need a little more motivation. Or a source of ideas for improving your management skills. These articles list the best reading and learning materials on management and productivity.

20 Online Training Resources for Project Managers
5 Best Project Management Books for Beginners and Accidental Project Managers
15 Books Every Manager Should Read
15 Project Management Quotes to Live By [INFOGRAPHIC]
What is a Gantt Chart? [INFOGRAPHIC]
Making the Most of Project Management Courses
Why (and How) Small Businesses Choose Project Management Software

Hope you enjoyed this ultimate guide to project management. Would you add other helpful articles to help people learn? Please share any of your suggestions in the comments.

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