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How Much Does a Construction Project Manager Make?

According to PayScale, as of January 2021, construction project managers earn an average of $74,923 per year. 

Construction project managers oversee building projects, including quality control, managing employee and project completion schedules, reviewing architectural designs, and creating proposals. They also consult with clients and company representatives about project development and progress and select contractors to work on the project. Here’s an insight into a project manager’s salary at various stages of their career:

  • Entry-level construction project managers with five years experience or less make $52-62k per year
  • Project managers with five to 10 years of experience make $75k annually
  • Construction PMs with 10-20 years of experience in the field generally make an annual salary of $84k

As with most jobs, the location has a significant effect on salaries, and construction project managers can earn more in the most in-demand cities. Project managers working in San Francisco make 45% more than the national average, with those in Boston, Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Dallas also earning well above average salaries. PMs in Atlanta and Charlotte tend to make about 6% less than average.