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How much does an IT project manager make in various US cities?

The average salary for an IT project manager is USD $84,662 per year. 1 The amount an IT project manager gets paid can vary, depending on location, experience, certifications, special skill sets, and more.

  • Entry level IT project managers make an average of USD $70-90k per year
  • Those with 5-10 years of experience earn an average of USD $88-100k annually
  • Experienced IT PMs with 10-20 years of experience can make upwards of a USD $100k salary

IT project managers in San Francisco, New York, Washington, Chicago, and Boston earn above average salaries, up to 20% more. Those located in Seattle, Austin, Philadelphia, Denver, and Phoenix tend to make slightly less. Project managers who work in Information Technology (IT) are responsible for planning IT-related projects and ensuring they are executed successfully. They create and maintain a project plan, communicate with stakeholders, manage resource allocation, assist the team in testing, manage the delivery of production releases and ensure those releases meet quality standards, and implement software life-cycle methodology.

Source: PayScale 1 As of January 19, 2017