Professional Services Request Management Template

Standardize your pre-close process with Wrike’s professional services request management template. Fast-track requests and track real-time progress.
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Accelerate professional service requests with this template

This easy-to-use template is designed for professional services teams to ensure client requests are handled quickly and that their expectations are documented clearly. Track requests from creation to outcome with full transparency in between.

Why your team could benefit from this template

Requests are not documented

Requests are not documented

Centralize requests with Wrike’s request forms. Details stay on-record and accessible to everyone on your team.

It’s difficult to track progress

It’s difficult to track progress

Wrike’s professional services request management template features purpose-built dashboards. Share these with stakeholders for full visibility on project progress.

Intake is not consolidated

Intake is not consolidated

Wrike auto-organizes requests into the right folders and auto-assigns requests based on role and job function.

How to use Wrike’s professional services request management template

When your template is fully loaded into your workspace, you’ll see that the first task in your ‘Intake’ folder is a preloaded how-to guide to get your team up and running. The guide will show you how to:

  • Provide a request queue for intake
  • Set up a custom workflow to track work stages
  • Create blueprints with dummy documents
  • Get high-level reports on outcomes of requests

Step 1: Streamline intake

The presales process needs to be smooth for your new customers. Wrike’s professional services request management template accelerates and clarifies presale requests with smart automation.

First, you may wish to customize your request form. Here you can decide the questions that your professional services teams are going to need. You can find this in Profile > Settings > Request Forms.

Once you’re happy that the form will capture everything your teams need, you can input a practice request to trace its progress through your workflow. 

When a request is received via this template’s request forms, it automatically places all details in an ‘Intake’ folder and notifies your professional services teams. You can find this in Home > PS Request Management (under ‘Spaces’) > 1. Intake (under ‘Folders and projects’.)