At the onset of the pandemic, many IT leaders worldwide were faced with overseeing their organization’s initial transition into a remote work environment. They made critical decisions that forged the path of digital transformation, ultimately shaping how their organizations will work for years to come. 

However, those decisions came with a great deal of challenges and risks for IT leaders to consider. What are IT professional services when conducted remotely or in a hybrid model? What are the key issues that will affect IT professional services in the 'new normal'? To get a better idea of the top concerns on the minds of IT leaders during this critical time and the future of work trends that would primarily affect them, Wrike conducted a research survey leveraging Pulse's executive knowledge community. 

We discovered that employee engagement (56%), burnout (53%), and reduced productivity (52%) are some of the top future of work trends for the IT product manager to keep in mind in 2021 and beyond, as they continue to enable remote workers and plan for new, hybrid workplace environments. In the report, IT leaders determined collaborative work management (CWM) software to be the solution to these frustrations and essential for the future of work. It provides organizations a critical advantage by enabling better collaboration and automation, in addition to improving transparency and visibility at every level of the company. 

Other key findings from the report to consider: 

  • Insights on how and why IT budgets should adapt accordingly in 2021.
  • What the most pressing workforce risks are right now, and how IT can help resolve them. 
  • Top factors IT leaders consider when choosing new work management technology.

The 2021 Wrike CIO Research report has the clear solutions that your organization needs to succeed. Check out the rest of the insights in the full report here.