Collaborate 2023 was a landmark event, reshaping the future of collaborative work and project management. This year’s gathering was a true knowledge hub — offering deep insights into the latest trends, tools, and methodologies that are shaping the modern workplace. 

When you consider that 77% of business leaders now prioritize efficiency, and 52% of organizations believe they won’t survive a recession without efficiency measures, it’s no surprise that efficiency was a central focus at Collaborate 2023. Our speakers and Wrike experts paved the road to efficiency supported by impactful research, game-changing product updates, and hands-on Wrike tips you can put into action right away.

As we reflect on this year’s event, one thing is clear: Wrike is not just a platform but a movement toward more innovative, efficient, and collaborative workspaces. Join us in this movement and redefine your organization’s collaborative endeavors with Wrike.

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Here are the top five highlights from this year’s event: 

1. Welcome keynote: Driving modern work efficiencies

Just in time for 2024 planning, Wrike Interim CEO Thomas Scott shared the latest insights on modern work challenges and the opportunities arising from those challenges. He covered this and more with Product Marketing Manager Molly Mixon, as they kicked off the day with a conversation on Wrike’s forward-looking vision and the role of AI and human resources in the modern workplace. 

2. Efficiency keynote: Transformative trends of 2023

Wrike CMO Esther Flammer and President and CRO Brian Nourani highlighted the winning work management strategies that top-tier companies, such as Walmart Canada and Siemens Smart Infrastructure, are harnessing. These customer experiences offered tangible inspiration for teams looking to optimize processes using Wrike. We’re confident these insights and success stories will help you see significant time savings and a productivity surge at both a team and organizational level.

3. Customer-centric discussions: Unveiling impactful journeys

A range of customer-focused discussions at Collaborate highlighted the transformative journeys of various organizations using Wrike. Kasey Schmidt, Marketing Technology Lead at Visa Acceptance Solutions, walked attendees through her team’s adoption of Wrike, including the major accomplishment of launching a new Visa brand in a short timeframe by using Wrike for project management. 

4. Wrike’s product roadmap: Upcoming features and innovations

Our product roadmap session was a highlight of the event, showcasing the upcoming features and innovations coming to the Wrike platform. Key developments include Wrike Datahub, designed to eliminate data silos, Intelligent Resource Management that will drive smart resourcing decisions, Next-Gen Analytics for real-time data visualization, and the AI-driven Wrike copilot for work management. These announcements created quite a buzz, and we’re thrilled to report that the new capabilities will be rolled out over the coming months. 

5. Breakout tracks and sessions: A comprehensive understanding of Wrike’s capabilities

The breakout sessions provided a deep dive into Wrike’s most impactful features and case studies, offering attendees expertise on features they will now take back to their teams for even greater results. In Workflow Automation: Your Shortcut to Productivity, Alina Kucherenko, Wrike Product Manager for Automation, and Ryan Candela, Wrike Senior Solutions Consultant, offered a comprehensive discussion and demo on Wrike’s automation features — showing off the efficiency users can achieve with only a few clicks. 

Tomorrow’s training sessions will allow attendees even more hands-on opportunities to deepen their knowledge of Wrike’s features. 

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If you missed Collaborate 2023, you can still get in on the efficiency action! All sessions from Collaborate 2023 are now available on demand, so you can catch up when you have time.

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Collaborate 2023 marked a significant leap for collaborative work and project management. Are you ready to take the leap into greater efficiency, too? Start your free Wrike trial and help your team level up for efficiency in 2024 and beyond.