Do you have eco-anxiety? Defined by the American Psychological Association as “a chronic fear of environmental doom,” eco-anxiety is on the rise, with warning that “hundreds of millions of people might be experiencing some type of negative psychological response to the climate crisis.”

Even if you’re not a climate activist or hardcore recycler, it’s impossible to turn a blind eye to the natural disasters ravaging the globe, from wildfires in Australia to floods in South Asia and drought in East Africa. In the US, the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) tracks “billion-dollar disasters” and noted earlier this month that the annual average for damaging weather-related events had risen from 8.5 to 20.4.

With billionaires enjoying private flights and giant corporations polluting seas with toxic waste, it’s easy to despair and doubt that individuals can make a difference. But it’s important to try. As climate scientist Michael Mann advises, “We should all be the most responsible citizens we can be in every sense of the word and contribute to a sustainable existence on this planet.”

As we spend so much time at work, it’s important that our workplaces keep this mantra in mind, too.

How SERVE began

At Wrike, we have a dedicated employee resource community (ERC) called SERVE. It stands for Social and Environmental Responsibility Volunteering Employees and is powered by Wrikers who contribute their time to support corporate social responsibility and environmental initiatives.

Manuel Arguello, a Professional Services Consultant at Wrike, founded SERVE in 2023. He explained the reason behind his motivation: “It is a life goal of mine to set up a program that can make the corporate world a greener, better one.” He continued:

“Sustainability is not just about trees and rivers and animals, it is also about living healthy lives, having healthy finances, and making decisions that will have a positive impact in the future. All this is not just applicable to people, but to corporations and companies too. The life cycle of companies and corporations requires sustainability at all levels since sustainability has effects in all aspects of life.”

All full-time Wrikers get two days of paid time off a year for volunteering. In Q2 of 2023, Wrike launched a global campaign to encourage Wrikers to make use of this benefit. Events took place in various offices, one example being a beach cleanup in Costa Rica that succeeded in removing 240 kg of waste.

image of Wrike Costa Rica volunteers
Costa Rica Wrikers get ‘beachy’ clean

Celebrating Earth Month

April is also known as Earth Month, and Earth Day took place on April 22 this year. The 2024 theme is “Planet vs. Plastics,” as activists aim for a 60% reduction in plastic production by 2040.

To mark the occasion, Wrike invited employees to take part in a local community cleanup. In-office Wrikers were encouraged to meet with their colleagues, while remote Wrikers could join an official event or go solo by picking an area near them that required some TLC.

On April 11, a small crew from Prague tackled Rohanský Ostrov, a green development area in the city.

image of Wrike Prague volunteers
Wrikers taking out the trash in Prague

The PS Americas team in San Diego followed suit on April 18, with a beach cleanup near the local Wrike office.

image of Wrike San Diego volunteers
San Diego Wrikers take to the sea

On April 23, some members of the Nicosia office headed out to a nearby park for a cleanup initiative. One of those was Maxim Pekurin, Director of Cybersecurity at Wrike, who said: “The local municipality supplied gloves and bags and helped with the collection. It was a great morning. We had some great chats and laughs … Let’s do this again!”

image of Wrike Cyrpus volunteers
Wrikers keeping the park clean in sunny Cyprus

Finally, on April 27, Wrikers from the Costa Rica office joined a trash cleanup in San José, which was organized by Green Wolf and other organizations to support an initiative called “The Sea Starts Here.” 

image of Wrike Costa Rica volunteers
Costa Rica Wrikers keeping waste out of our waterways

“It is great to see all the work that was done in different parts of the world to commemorate and celebrate Mother Earth,” said Manuel. “These are troublesome times, and any help, as little as you may think it is, is big, important, and valuable.”

Interested in joining the SERVE family? Check out our available roles at Wrike here.