Enterprises are faced with the challenge of navigating a rapidly changing environment while ensuring that their vast operations remain streamlined and efficient. The pressure to innovate, collaborate, and stay ahead of the curve is immense. It’s against this backdrop that Collaborate 2023 stands as a virtual gathering, focusing on the unique complexities that enterprises grapple with daily. 

This year’s event, designed to address the diverse needs of the enterprise sector, spotlighted Wrike’s role as a pivotal platform in empowering businesses to rise above operational challenges, foster seamless collaborations, and drive unparalleled results. Through thought-provoking sessions led by industry stalwarts, Collaborate 2023 embarked on a deep exploration of the symbiotic relationship between technology and enterprise success.

On that note, let’s take a look back at the top sessions tailored for enterprise teams.

1. Scaling Wrike Across the Enterprise — Jacob Bodnar and Brianne Bujnowski


Jacob Bodnar, Director of Operations at Seer Interactive, and Brianne Bujnowski, Product Marketing Manager at Wrike, engaged in an enlightening fireside chat about scaling Wrike within large organizations. Drawing from Seer Interactive’s experiences, Bodnar spotlighted the pressing need for businesses to do more with less, given the present-day financial constraints and slashed budgets. Emphasizing the evolution from scattered work management tools to centralized platforms, Bujnowski elaborated on Wrike’s role as a “wall-to-wall” platform. 

The duo delved deep into how Wrike facilitates a unified operational environment, bridging gaps between diverse teams. The session underscored Wrike’s crucial role in promoting cross-departmental collaboration, ensuring efficiency, and meeting the demands of large-scale enterprise operations. 

Key takeaways

  • Holistic integration: Wrike’s adaptability in integrating with multiple enterprise tools for a unified operational experience
  • Custom workflows: Tailored workflows mirroring the diverse needs of each department for optimized performance
  • Role-based access: Ensuring data security by granting access only to designated stakeholders
  • Operational fluidity: With Wrike, enterprises experience a seamless flow of tasks, ensuring timely project deliveries
  • Enhanced collaboration: Wrike’s features facilitate cross-departmental communication, which is vital for enterprise success

2. Elevate Enterprise Efficiency With Wrike — Matt Allen, Molly Mixon, and Olivia Gartz


These three Wrike experts crafted a vivid picture of enterprise efficiency, shedding light on how Wrike transcends conventional boundaries. The trio emphasized the significance of understanding the distinctiveness of enterprise teams, like marketing versus IT, and recommended embracing this diversity within a unified platform. 

Wrike’s features offer flexibility and control, allowing departments to customize their workflows while maintaining overarching corporate standards. Matt, Molly, and Olivia showcased Wrike’s robust security features as well as the platform’s expansive integration capabilities, with over 400 apps and advanced automation functions. The session concluded with best practices, emphasizing continuous training and the pivotal role of Wrike Champions for successful enterprise implementation.

Key takeaways

  • Real-time feedback loops: Harnessing Wrike’s instantaneous feedback capabilities for swift and informed decisions
  • Dashboards and analytics: Leveraging data through Wrike’s dashboards to make informed, strategic decisions
  • Consistency with templates: Using Wrike’s templates for uniformity and quicker project initiation
  • Project agility: Adapting to changes swiftly and efficiently using Wrike’s Agile methodologies
  • Centralized communication: Ensuring that every stakeholder remains informed and aligned through Wrike’s unified communication channel

3. Best Practices for Using the Most Intelligent, Intuitive, and Automated Platform — Huib van Erp and Tereza Zoglauerova


In this session, Huib van Erp of Odyssey Hotel Group and Tereza Zoglauerova from Wrike provided insights into enhancing enterprise workflows. Van Erp shared Odyssey Hotel Group’s journey in adopting Wrike, emphasizing the transformative role of request forms in structuring task assignments, the seamless integration of file sharing and approvals, and dashboards and reports for comprehensive overviews. 

The session also addressed the challenge of maintaining clarity when a platform evolves into a “beautiful monster” with complex, interconnected functions. Both speakers emphasized the balance between customization and usability, ensuring that Wrike remains a versatile platform without overwhelming its users. The dialogue underscored Wrike’s pivotal role in promoting efficiency, collaboration, and data-driven decision making within organizations. 

Key takeaways

  • Streamlined workflows: Automating processes with Wrike for reduced manual interventions and faster task execution
  • Data-driven decisions: Harnessing Wrike’s analytics to gain insights and inform enterprise strategies
  • Unified feedback mechanism: Centralizing feedback within Wrike to avoid fragmentation and enhance clarity
  • Operational interconnectivity: Emphasizing Wrike’s role in connecting various enterprise functions for holistic operations
  • Maximized productivity: Through automation, ensuring that every minute is optimally utilized for maximum enterprise output

As the curtains came down on Collaborate 2023, it was evident that the future of enterprise operations lies in adaptability, connectivity, and seamless scalability. The insightful sessions not only demystified the intricacies of large-scale business management but also paved the way for a future where technology and human ingenuity work in perfect harmony. 

Wrike’s commitment to fortifying enterprise operations was palpable, promising a future where challenges transform into opportunities. Enterprises left equipped, inspired, and ready to harness Wrike’s dynamic offerings, propelling them closer to their vision of operational excellence. 

For those who wish to revisit these groundbreaking insights or dive in for the first time, the treasure trove of sessions awaits, ready to catalyze your enterprise journey.