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44 Productivity Hacks to Turn Procrastination Into Action

If your to-do list is like mine — longer than the Great Wall of China — you’re probably desperate for productivity tips and shortcuts to help you squeeze a few more hours out of every day. Since we’re all about boosting productivity here at Wrike, we’ve compiled a compendium of  productivity hacks to help you zip through your to-do list in record time. Without further ado: Focus 1. Unplug. Put your phone on airplane mode or Do Not Disturb (or use an Android app like Shush)....
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8 Mental Weapons to Vanquish Procrastination (Infographic)

Ah, procrastination. We know we’ll regret giving in to its siren call, and yet it’s so seductive that most of us can’t resist. This infographic will help you understand the root causes of procrastination so you can start to withstand the lure of “I can always do it later…." Arm yourself with these 8 strategies to fight procrastination:  Focus on the benefits. Look at the task as something that will improve your life, rather than a chore that must be completed.  Chart you...
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Kick Butt in 2015 With These 16 Motivation Hacks

Happy New Year! You're coming back from a nice long break from the office, maybe with a little extra cushion around your belly, and it's back to work and the daily grind. Problem is, your brain is still on vacation and you're feeling more than a little sluggish. How do you get yourself motivated and back up to speed? Start 2015 off right with these 16 motivation hacks.  1. "Just 5 minutes." Tell yourself you’ll only work on that dreaded task for five minutes, and then you can stop. If...
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Download "Get Things Done with Wrike" (ebook)

You read our How to Set Up GTD Using Wrike post. You've been following the conversation around our interview with David Allen, father of GTD. Still can't sate your thirst for everything related to the popular "Getting Things Done®" productivity process? We don't blame you. GTD is a great method for organizing everything on your mind so that you can stop worrying about "what's next?" and focus your energy on completing work. A New GTD Guide Our productivity coach, Errette Dunn, cre...
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34 Holiday Buys for Productivity Junkies (Gift Guide)

Productivity enthusiasts are a tough bunch to buy for. They loathe the distractions of clutter, so forego useless trinkets and get them something they’re sure to love: the gift of getting more done! Each of these gifts will bring greater efficiency (and a smile) to the face of your favorite prolific pal. GADGETS & APPS Tools that help you get more done. 1. Flic Wireless Smart Buttons Create a shortcut that initiates your favorite actions without pulling out your smartphone. Tur...
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Learn the "Getting Things Done" Methodology (GTD) in 20 Seconds

When David Allen published his book Getting Things Done back in 2001, he spawned a movement based around his flexible ideas for organization and productivity. Since then, the concepts behind his GTD system have gone viral, guiding both personal and corporate workflows.   We were fortunate enough to interview David Allen himself and asked him how best to explain GTD to someone completely new to the world of productivity. His explanation -- a 20-second summary of his method -- is probably...
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The 7 Wastes that Cripple Knowledge Workers (Video)

Everybody loves a good sequel! The second installment of our Lean video series is here, with all new lessons and 100% more explosions. Okay, not really... but our productivity coach Errette Dunn is back with some dynamite tips to make your daily work more efficient. Watch the video to learn: • How to identify the 7 wastes dragging knowledge workers down • How to cut common wastes and get more done every day • The two essential questions you need to answer to get the most value...
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Automations to Increase Project Management Productivity

When it comes to project management, productivity tools can be a lifesaver for your sanity and your bottom line. Platforms like Zapier allow you to automate a wide range of tasks by connecting one application to another and indicating what operation must be accomplished. These automations are called "zaps," and are composed of a trigger and a corresponding action. In this article, we'll look at a few zaps that agencies or consultants can use to save time when managing client projects. To...
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