The power of artificial intelligence (AI) has reshaped the way we work, collaborate, and innovate. Embracing this transformative force, Wrike has consistently demonstrated its commitment to AI-driven solutions. With our recently expanded Work Intelligence® solution, we are taking leadership in AI to new heights.

Here, I’ll delve into Work Intelligence® and how we are spearheading the future of AI in work management.

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A trailblazer in AI

Wrike has long been recognized as a leader in AI-powered work management and collaboration. Our unwavering dedication to harnessing the full potential of AI has consistently driven innovation, productivity, and efficiency in organizations worldwide. 

Here are a few things we have been and will continue to be focused on delivering in our platform:

  • Intelligent automation: Wrike’s AI algorithms empower organizations to automate manual tasks, freeing up time and other resources for high-value activities. By automating mundane processes, teams can focus on strategic initiatives, problem solving, and creativity. The result is enhanced productivity, improved employee engagement, and exponential growth.
  • Advanced data insights: Leveraging the power of AI, the Work Intelligence® solution will enable customers to gain unprecedented insights from vast amounts of data. By analyzing patterns, trends, and correlations, organizations can make informed, data-driven decisions, identify opportunities, and address potential challenges. Wrike’s AI-driven insights can serve as a compass, guiding customers toward optimal outcomes.
  • Intelligent resource allocation: Work Intelligence® will optimize resource allocation through intelligent analysis of historical data, project requirements, and team capabilities. This ensures that resources are efficiently distributed, maximizing productivity, and minimizing bottlenecks. With AI-powered resource allocation, organizations can achieve greater efficiency, agility, and scalability.
  • Seamless collaboration: Collaboration lies at the heart of successful organizations. Wrike’s Work Intelligence® solution fosters a collaborative ecosystem by seamlessly integrating AI-powered tools and features. Teams can effortlessly communicate, share knowledge, and work together in a cohesive manner, irrespective of geographical boundaries. This cohesive collaboration encourages creativity and synergy.
  • Future-ready customization: Recognizing that every organization is unique, Wrike can offer customizable AI workflows. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor AI capabilities to align with their specific needs and processes. As organizations evolve and adapt, they can embrace AI in a way that complements their vision, culture, and strategic objectives.

How Wrike’s Work Intelligence® solution can help your team

What does that mean for the work you do on a daily basis? Our AI features help you:

Prioritize your most important work

Make sure you and your team target your most valuable work with Wrike’s automated task prioritization recommendations. AI will review and reorder your workflow according to urgency, so you can kick-start every day with a ready-made to-do list.

Keep projects smooth and streamlined

Wrike’s machine learning capabilities can identify historical patterns and frequent issues to provide a 360° view of project risk factors. Advance insights from AI help to prevent delays, optimize resources, and deliver projects on time, every time.

Create your own digital assistant

All you need is a smartphone to start delegating actions with mobile voice commands — no need to open Wrike first. Cut out admin time and speed up delivery by telling Wrike what to do, including creating, checking, and accessing tasks and projects.

Turn written documents into digital files

Save time inputting details from paper notes into descriptions, comments, or request forms. Take photo copies of printed documents or notes, upload them to the Wrike mobile app, and let Wrike OCR digitize this into text data.

Transform text into tasks

AI can transform rough notes into a task in seconds. It will analyze your project plan or meeting notes, create a parent task, decipher actionable steps, and, with the click of a button, automatically create subtasks that will take you from scribbled ideas to successful delivery.

NEW! Generate briefs in seconds

Now available in Wrike Labs, our generative AI feature allows you to create project briefs in the blink of an eye. Draft descriptions from scratch and tweak them to suit your brand voice. You can also use this feature to summarize text and translate it into different languages. Give it a try!

generative ai

The future state of Work Intelligence® 

While Work Intelligence® already includes an array of groundbreaking capabilities that redefine the landscape of AI in work management, we’re not stopping there. Let’s take a look at our next product roadmap for AI innovations aimed at delivering the future state of intelligent work management. 

Planned updates include: 

  • Intelligent search: Using natural language support, Wrike will quickly search and find items, assets, tools, help articles, templates, and more in a way that users are familiar with, similar to their favorite search engines.
  • Work assistant: Introducing a personalized educational wizard to the platform will allow users to get instant access to relevant information and solutions for the problem at hand. 
  • Smart suggestions: By detecting patterns in user actions, Wrike will proactively make helpful suggestions, such as automating repeatable items, starting an approval, and adding actionable subitems.

Embracing a visionary future

Our efforts in AI don’t just begin and end with our platform. We’re also focused on shaping the future in modern work, but it takes adoption. 

Here are some ways you can embrace the potential of AI:

Foster a culture of innovation

By leveraging AI technology, your employees will have more time for innovative thinking. Embrace AI as an enabler that amplifies human creativity and problem solving, empowering teams to explore uncharted territories.

Embrace ethical AI

As AI continues to advance, you must prioritize ethical considerations. By adopting responsible AI practices, organizations can build trust, ensure transparency, and mitigate biases, thereby creating a positive and inclusive future.

Continuously learn and adapt

AI technology is ever-evolving, and you must stay abreast of the latest developments. By investing in continuous learning and upskilling, you can navigate the dynamic landscape of AI with confidence. Seek out opportunities to expand knowledge, attend industry conferences, and engage in thought leadership to stay ahead of the curve.

Emphasize human-AI collaboration

The future of AI lies in harnessing the synergy between human intelligence and AI capabilities. Encourage collaboration between humans and AI systems, leveraging the unique strengths of each. This collaborative approach will ease the transition to a more AI-focused workplace, creating a powerful partnership that incorporates the best of both worlds.

Embrace change as an opportunity

The integration of AI technology brings about transformative change. Welcome change as an opportunity for growth, encouraging your teams to embrace new ways of working and adapting to AI-driven solutions. By fostering a growth mindset and providing the necessary support, you can empower teams to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Our expanded Work Intelligence® solution exemplifies our visionary approach to AI. By championing the power of AI, organizations can unlock new levels of productivity, boosting collaboration and reducing decision making time. 

As we embrace the future, it is you who will guide your organization toward success by leveraging AI as a catalyst for technological innovation as well as human potential. With Wrike’s Work Intelligence® at the helm, organizations are well equipped to navigate the exciting journey of AI in work management, shaping a future where human ingenuity and AI capabilities work hand in hand.

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