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Managing risk has never been easier

Ease your risk management worries with Wrike. From risk identification to mitigation, Wrike simplifies it all — so your team can focus on getting work done.

<p><span>Managing risk has never been easier</span></p>


Empower risk management teams with Wrike’s features

Wrike’s risk management software equips teams with the tools they need to navigate the complex world of corporate obstacles.

Simplify strategic planning

With Wrike, your team can visualize strategic roadmaps and align risk management tasks with broader business objectives. 

Use our table view to prioritize risks, map mitigation strategies, and track activities.

Track team tasks

Stay on top of risk mitigation activities with Wrike’s task management. Track progress, set dependencies, and deliver tasks on time. 

With complete visibility of every task’s status, your team can stay proactive in controlling risks.

Manage documents in one place

Say goodbye to scattered files — Wrike offers secure, centralized storage of all your critical risk management documents. 

Access, share, and collaborate on files instantly, ensuring everyone has the latest information at their fingertips.


Embrace smart automation

Automate routine tasks, set trigger-based actions, and create custom workflows. Instant alerts ensure critical activities never slip through the cracks. 

With Wrike's automation capabilities, you can reduce the manual workload and increase productivity in no time.

Generate reports with a single click

Create real-time reports to get insights and share them with stakeholders. Wrike’s dynamic reports help you visualize data, track key performance indicators, and monitor risk mitigation efforts.

Make data-driven decisions effortlessly with Wrike’s advanced reporting feature.


Kick-start projects with Wrike templates