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Project Risk Analysis Template

Use Wrike’s template to gauge, classify, communicate, and mitigate risks before they affect your projects.
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Identify risks and take action

When handling multiple resources and projects, it’s difficult to recognize which problems need your immediate attention and why. The inability to identify these key priorities and risks often results in delayed and over-budget delivery.

Does your team struggle to:

  • Assess risk factors?
  • Decide how to take action?
  • Find the necessary resources?

Wrike’s project risk assessment template can help. Use it to:

  • Identify potential risks to your project and analyze their scope
  • Mitigate risks by prioritizing actions based on the likelihood of occurrence
  • Implement RAID (risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies) logs into your workflow

Why you need this risk analysis template

<h5>Poor visibility into risks</h5>
Poor visibility into risks

Wrike’s project risk analysis template provides comprehensive risk visualization and pre-built RAID entry forms, so your teams can easily update stakeholders and monitor the status of project liabilities.

<h5>Problems are too siloed</h5>
Problems are too siloed

Use the project risk assessment template to view risks holistically, along with their level of severity and impact. You can also notify other teams by cross-tagging and helping your organization make well-informed decisions.

<h5>Teams lack information</h5>
Teams lack information

Wrike’s business risk assessment template provides you with a clear outline of information needed for each risk report and RAID log. Identify the causes and impact of each risk at a glance.

<p>Mitigate project risks with ease</p>

Mitigate project risks with ease

<p>Mitigate project risks with ease</p>

How to use the project risk analysis template in Wrike

The risk analysis template streamlines the way you raise new RAID entries and view risks. These risk reports and logs are housed in a central risk analysis page, helping you better manage resources and maximize outcomes by improving your visibility across multiple tasks and projects.

With Wrike’s project risk assessment template, you can:

Step 1: Create a RAID entry

The template comes with pre-built request forms to help you create detailed RAID entries. 

Fill out the pre-made form with details like RAID type, description, business cost, and whether the problem should be classified as a risk or not. 

Risks can also be graded by using a conditional part of the RAID form. The score of each risk can range from 3–15, depending on factors such as the risks’ impact, probability, or proximity. 

Once you create a new RAID report, it’ll land in the “RAID Intake” folder, which provides a tailored table view of potential risks. This table displays several custom fields and calculations, like the status of the problem, its cost to the business, risk score, and more. 

As individual project managers submit new risks, this table view will help program or risk managers gain a more holistic view of risks across multiple tasks or projects. 

Risk reports can also be easily shared with other teams to improve visibility across multiple projects.

Step 2: Assess reports

Risk managers can assess each report and decide whether or not to confirm it. If a report is accepted, it can then be sent to the RAID Log folder by changing its status to “In Progress.”

The RAID Log folder is divided into four subfolders: 

  • Risks 
  • Assumptions
  • Issues 
  • Decisions

As they progress through the mitigation process, risk managers can move it through each RAG (red, amber, green) status, as well as assign milestones and due dates. Once sufficiently mitigated, the problem can be resolved and marked “Completed.”

Step 3: Track statuses

The business risk assessment template also includes a RAID Manager dashboard, which provides full 360-degree visibility of RAID reports at a glance. 

Explore Wrike’s versatile platform

As well as the tools included in the project risk analysis template, Wrike also offers other features that can help your teams avoid negative outcomes. 

Optimize your resources and protect sensitive information with the help of:

Wrike’s software can be adjusted to suit your organization’s unique processes. Try our platform for yourself to see how you can customize your project management.

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<p>Ready to try this template in Wrike?</p>

Ready to try this template in Wrike?

<p>Ready to try this template in Wrike?</p>


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