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Transform Public Policy Management with Wrike

Experience work synchronization, intuitive issue tracking, and agile project management perfectly tailored for public policy teams.
<p>Transform Public Policy Management with Wrike</p>


Elevate your public policy processes
to the next level

Dive into Wrike's dynamic and intuitive features, designed to streamline operations for public policy teams, boosting productivity and multi-team coherence.

Manage complex projects

Visualize timelines, plan tasks, and keep tabs on dependencies. Make adjustments in real time as circumstances change, ensuring your project stays on track. This feature is perfect for managing legislation, initiatives, and policy changes efficiently.

Protect important docs

Never lose track of crucial policy documents again. Collaboratively draft, revise, and finalize policy documents with version control and real-time editing. Wrike's centralized repository guarantees all paperwork is organized, easy to find, and safe.

Foster engagement

Create a symbiotic work environment allowing public policy teams to brainstorm, discuss, and make decisions all in one place. Enhance transparency and ensure everyone remains informed of all aspects of policy processes, fostering a sense of inclusiveness.

Experience true team efficiency

Balance policy-making tasks and prevent burnout. Track workloads, identify who can take on more work, adjust assignments in real time, and maintain peak team efficiency.

Prioritize data protection

Ensure policy documents, team communications, and task details stay secure and confidential. With role-based access controls, you can limit who sees what, while enterprise-grade security provides reassurance that data is handled with the utmost care.

Accelerate success with Wrike's
pre-built templates

Kickstart your policy projects with ease using Wrike’s customizable, pre-built templates, designed for efficient policy management.

<h5>Requirements Management<br></h5>
Requirements Management

Organize your policy requirements meticulously with this template. Detail needs, track progress, and ensure you meet all regulatory requirements effectively.

<h5>Services Scoping &amp; Initiation<br></h5>
Services Scoping & Initiation

Start your policy project on solid ground. Define, implement, and track targets, ensuring alignment with broader policy goals and efficiently manage resources.

<h5>Agile Teamwork<br></h5>
Agile Teamwork

Quickly adapt to a changing policy landscape, pivot when needed, and do it while keeping team communication and collaboration at its best.

<h5>PBC Audit List<br></h5>
PBC Audit List

Ensure thorough audit preparation and execution with this template. Organize evidence and meet auditor requests promptly, keeping compliance checks hassle-free.