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Services Scoping and Initiation Template

Kick-start your services scoping and initiation with Wrike. Use this template to capture key information and meet scoping objectives.
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Improve your services scoping and initiation

Keeping track of key information in the scoping and initiation process can be overwhelming, but without proper organization and visibility, leads will slip through the cracks. 

  • Critical information about leads and clients is lost in inboxes and not accessible to everyone
  • Team members spend too much time on lower-value leads and not enough on chasing the contracts that matter to your bottom line 
  • Opportunities are missed because the scoping process isn’t laid out clearly

With Wrike’s services scoping and initiation template, you can overcome these obstacles easily.

  • Capture lead data quickly and efficiently with a custom-built request form
  • Easily schedule projects to push leads through a scoping process workflow
  • View scoping action items with a calendar or task view for clear visibility

Why you need this scope management template

<h5>Poor visibility</h5>
Poor visibility

Achieve full transparency with a clear scoping workflow to keep all team members on the same page.

<h5>Disorganized communication</h5>
Disorganized communication

Keep lead details and deadlines in a single place, so potential clients receive detailed and accurate communications regularly.

<h5>Missed opportunities</h5>
Missed opportunities

Ensure each step of the scoping process is completed, so no leads go un-nurtured.

<p>Supercharge your scoping process</p>

Supercharge your scoping process

<p>Supercharge your scoping process</p>

How to use the scope management template in Wrike

Need to overhaul your professional services scoping process? The scope management template from Wrike gives you the building blocks to set up a thorough scoping process. 

Here are the features you can expect from the scope baseline template. 

  • Capture the information you need with a pre-built request form
  • Keep client information organized with folders and projects
  • Visualize key scoping action items with customizable dashboards

Wrike’s scope management plan template is intuitive and simple to set up. 

Step 1: Utilize the custom request form

Capture scoping information instantly with a pre-built request form that can be customized to your company’s needs. 

Filling in company details such as company name, region, and estimated contract value will kick off the project scoping process.

Step 2: Set up your scoping project

Wrike’s scope management template provides a project structure to move through the scoping process.

The scoping process will include assigning a team, scheduling a client presentation call, drafting the SOW, and presenting it to the client. 

Step 3: Create automated reports

Automated reports on leads won or lost will help team members understand where their efforts are paying off and where they need to be adjusted.  

The task view included in the scope management plan example will keep team members and managers apprised of upcoming tasks.

Oversee scoping and initiation with Wrike

Interested in learning what else Wrike can help you with? Wrike’s powerful work management software offers a range of features to improve your professional services. Our customizable features include: 

Whatever your industry, Wrike can be tailored to suit any project, team, or organization. Personalize your action plans, design your workspace to match your team’s processes, and improve the way you work.

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<p>Streamline your scoping process with Wrike</p>

Streamline your scoping process with Wrike

<p>Streamline your scoping process with Wrike</p>


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