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Requirements Management Template

Streamline requirements management with Wrike’s template for tracking project requirements requests, reviews, approvals, and status.

A streamlined approach to requirements

Without the right process for managing requirements, projects can get off to a shaky start. 

  • No formal method for collecting and reviewing requirements can cause blockers and delays
  • Lack of visibility into requirement status results in unnecessary work
  • No end-to-end life cycle of requirements creates a frustrating experience for all team members 

With this template, you can standardize the process of managing requirements throughout their life cycle. 

  • Customizable request forms ensure required data is collected from the get-go 
  • Custom workflows, cross-tagging, dashboards, statuses, and folders provide transparency on where requirements are in the life cycle
  • Wrike’s core capabilities, as well as approvals, facilitate the process of reviewing and approving requirements 

Why you need this template

<h5>Poor visibility</h5>
Poor visibility

Enjoy total clarity on the requirements life cycle with custom workflows, dashboards, folders, and statuses.

<h5>Added complexity</h5>
Added complexity

Simplify the requirements process with a seamless workspace designed to tackle requirements management.

<h5>Lengthy approvals process</h5>
Lengthy approvals process

Get speedy reviews and approvals so you can focus on getting work done and projects over the line.

<p>Take the complexity out of projects</p>

Take the complexity out of projects

<p>Take the complexity out of projects</p>

How to optimize requirements management

Ready to transform your requirements process? We’ve got you. It’s time to understand how you can use this Wrike template to implement an effective, end-to-end framework for managing project requirements. 

Wrike’s requirements management template has a range of features to help you hit the ground running. 

  • Kick-start the requirements process with request forms and blueprint tasks 
  • Seamlessly organize all requirements into folders and projects
  • Automate the requirements life cycle with customizable workflows and custom fields 
  • Track the status of all requirements in real time with high-level dashboards and reporting

Wrike’s templates are designed for seamless implementation, so you can focus on getting requirements over the line, not on setup. 

Here’s how to kick-start your new requirements process: 

Step 1: Collect requirements 

How you collect and organize project requirements is the foundation for the rest of your project. Customizable request forms ensure that you collect all the information you need to manage requirements right from the start. 

Your request form will automatically add all the necessary data into a Wrike task so you can have everything you need in one place. 

Step 2: Manage requirements 

Custom workflows and dashboards allow you to keep track of all requirement statuses. Use Wrike features to request review and approvals to keep requirements moving in the right direction. 

Cross-tagging and folders allow you to easily categorize file requirements in the right place for easy project coordination. 

Step 3: Complete requirements 

Wrike facilitates reviewing requirements and approving or rejecting them.

Dashboards and reports provide visibility into the status of requirements, the workload of reviewers, and what needs to be done to complete tasks. 

Make Wrike work for you

Interested in Wrike features that allow you to do even more? Wrike’s exceptional work management software has a range of tools to suit every team’s needs. Our dynamic features include: 

Wrike can be tailored to suit any project, team, or organization. Customize your processes and design your workspace to match your team’s requirements. Our platform is built to work your way — not the other way around.

<p>Take control of requirements with Wrike</p>

Take control of requirements with Wrike

<p>Take control of requirements with Wrike</p>


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