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What Expenses Should My Employer Pay if I Work From Home?

The shift to remote work brought with it a whole host of logistical queries. For example, do employers have to provide office equipment for employees working at home? And what expenses should my employer pay if I work from home? 

The answer to the last question changes from company to company, country to country, and even state to state in the U.S. 

Federal law does not require employers to pay work-related expenses for remote employees. However, many states (such as California, Illinois, New York, and Pennsylvania) have statutes that specify when employers are required to cover expenses related to working from home. 

These expenses can include:

  • Phone use for work activities
  • Home internet costs
  • Office supplies like desks and chairs
  • Work computers or laptops

Some state laws also dictate that employees should be reimbursed for the costs of utilities like heating and air conditioning.

Your employer may already have guidelines in place for the reimbursement of remote work-related expenses. Contact your HR department if you are unsure of what is covered by your organization. 

You can also check your local information to see if you are entitled to any costs. In Ireland, for example, employees can be eligible for tax relief on remote work expenses like light, heat, and broadband bills.

While the answer to the question of expenses is still uncertain, it’s clear that remote work is here to stay. Employers will have to fine-tune their remote work policies to ensure that team members remain happy and productive.

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