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How to Get a Project Manager Job

If you’re looking into how to get a project manager job but have little to no experience, you should first look into entry level positions that allow you to gain the skills needed to be a project manager. Positions such as controller, planner, analyst, or coordinator are all titles you should start applying for. Look for PM jobs in areas you enjoy whether that means managing events, building projects, creative campaigns, or anything in between.
If you’re not a recent college graduate, an entry level position might be a little less appealing to you. So here’s how to get a job as a project manager if you’ve already been working for a few years: 
  • First, you need to start looking at your current position in a new light. Every job requires management of something: time, budget, people, etc. 
  • You need to recognize those skills you’ve already mastered in your current job and highlight them in your resume for a potential employer. Don’t forget to mention how your efforts helped achieve specific goals.
  • Look into certifications and online training courses. Get the knowledge you need to prepare for project management certification, land a project management job, and feel confident in your new role with a convenient online course. Many are offered by Project Management Institute Registered Education Providers, and are available on demand so you can learn at your own pace. Read 5 Online Project Management Courses for Beginners for a list of options. 
  • It is a very competitive field, so you must remember that a lot of individuals with experience are wondering how to get a job in project management as well.
Once you reach your goal of becoming a project manager, you can now share with others how to get a job as a project manager.

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