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What Is the Best Collaboration App for Teams?

It has never been more essential to have the right collaboration app for your teams to work efficiently and keep operations organized, even while out of the office. Remote and hybrid work is here to stay, and collaboration apps are essential to ensure continuous business operations. 

Today, every forward-thinking organization needs collaboration software to maintain a digital workspace and system for work-related conversations and real-time collaboration on projects. You need a software solution for your teams to keep track of ongoing work, timelines, and priorities.

Collaboration tools for teams

There are many essential collaboration apps for teams: 

  • Project management tools like Wrike
  • Document collaboration tools, e.g., Google Workspace, which includes Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Gmail, and Calendar
  • Video conferencing software, e.g., Zoom and Skype for Business
  • Time tracking tools, e.g., Toggl and Clockify
  • File sharing tools, e.g., Dropbox and Wetransfer
  • Real-time chat tools, e.g., Slack and Microsoft Teams

List and prioritize your organization's needs before searching for the best collaboration apps for your teams.

How to know if a collaboration app is right for your team

The right collaboration app can boost productivity and efficiency in your teams. Follow these tips to find the best collaboration app for you:

  1. Gather feedback from your team members about the current way of working and any pain points hampering their productivity.
  2. Collect recommendations for collaboration apps that can solve these issues.
  3. Establish whether the apps on the list are compatible with your organization's tech stack, budget, and needs.
  4. Test the top options with a free trial to experience how the apps work with a subset of your team.
  5. Roll out the top option to a wider subset of teams to gather more feedback. Observe how long it takes teams to adopt the tools and if it solves the team’s issues. 
  6. Settle on the best option for the entire team. Continue to gather feedback, watch how collaboration improves, and evaluate the app's benefits. For example, are your teams spending less time looking for conversation threads in their email inboxes since you moved to Slack?   

Make sure to choose collaboration platforms and apps that are customizable to your workflows and integrate easily with other work applications. Cloud storage and high-level security are a must to ensure continuous access to work, files, and documents and ensure that everything is safe from hackers.

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