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What Is Scrum Environment?

A Scrum environment is the full context in which Scrum is being delivered within an organization. It is the people, processes, and platforms working together for successful Scrum delivery.

Central to the Scrum environment is the Scrum master, who is responsible for making sure Scrum processes are implemented and followed effectively, and that the team embraces Scrum values and practices.

Adopting the right framework for a Scrum environment

The ‘flavor’ of Scrum is a key characteristic of the Scrum environment and while the framework may adapt to a particular context key components remain the same — values, teams, artifacts, and events. 

For example, larger organizations may adopt Scrum at Scale, a framework that applies Scrum principles across an ecosystem of teams.

Another Scrum framework used in larger organizations is Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) with its more is Less principle aimed at anticipating and addressing challenges typical of large-scale projects.

Another important component of the Scrum environment is the set of KPIs and Scrum metrics used to measure goals, deliverables, and effectiveness of a project as a whole. Project leadership may establish metrics to monitor and score the effectiveness of the Scrum environment.

Choosing the right project management tool for a Scrum environment

A successful Scrum environment may modify certain processes for specific project or team dynamics. Therefore, teams should work with an online project management tool that is flexible enough to adapt to a variety of frameworks and methodologies.

With more and more organizations moving to support remote working, online project management tools play an increasingly central role across a broader range of functions.

Wrike supports Scrum out of the box but allows for a high degree of customization, integrating with many platforms teams already use.

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