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Grow Your Agile Success With Online Scrum Boards

Improve your teams’ Agile planning and execution with Wrike’s Scrum task boards.

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Grow Your Agile Success With Online Scrum Boards


Adapt at speed across your organization

Streamline your Agile practice at every step. Improve sprint planning with online Scrum boards and one-click Gantt charts. Accelerate iterations with task prioritization and real-time collaboration. Analyze with automated reporting.

Here’s what our online Scrum boards provide:

Enhance your planning
Enhance your planning

Automatically organize and prioritize your intake. Visualize team priorities with Gantt charts and online Scrum boards.

Accelerate your execution
Accelerate your execution

Smart automation makes it quicker to plan and execute sprints. Remove repetitive admin tasks so your teams can focus.

Learn from each iteration
Learn from each iteration

Empower teams to adapt quickly. Save time with prebuilt templates and use automated reports to improve consistently.

Iterate faster with online Scrum boards

Achieve full adaptability with Wrike’s award-winning Agile software. Prioritize backlogs, manage Scrum meetings, and use Agile templates and dashboards to monitor progress. Eliminate silos with real-time collaboration and shared online Scrum boards.
Build the perfect boards
Visualize every goal
Maximize time and talent
Accelerate with Agile templates
Prioritize new tasks instantly
Empower effective collaboration

“You almost can’t run a project anymore without something like this tool. You have to be so fluid and adaptable to meet the expectations of today’s market, investors, and employees.”

Curtis Ray, VP of Engineering, Tactus
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“The prioritization is absolutely core to the way we work because everything is done in two-week sprints. It allows us to work very openly with a client about what they want to do first.”

Fergus Adam, Managing Partner, Dare
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“Wrike was the perfect choice to support our new Agile methodology. Its flexible and open platform allowed us an essentially bespoke solution that we were able to easily tailor to our needs.”

Jeff Hartlieb, Director of Project Management, Attractions & Exhibits, Nickelodeon
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Easy-to-use online Scrum boards

Recharge your Agile process with Wrike

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Scrum is a particular framework for Agile project management that allows for quick development and testing. It involves a small team lead by a Scrum master, who eliminates obstacles for the team. Scrum boards are used to organize each Scrum project and to monitor progress during these sprints.

In the past, a Scrum board would traditionally be a physical board such as a whiteboard with notes attached. Nowadays, teams use online Scrum boards which track progress in real-time. Online Scrum boards help teams get instant visibility on overall progress, see what needs to be done, and prioritize tasks.

First, the online Scrum board can be broken down into columns such as “Planned”, “In Progress”, “In Review”, and “Complete.” Then, the project is broken into tasks which each comprise one card on the board. From here, you can assign tasks and due dates.

Wrike’s Scrum task boards are available to all teams who use our collaborative work management solution, from our free plan right up to our Enterprise offering.